3 Fun Things for Kids on the New Compassion Explorer Website

3 Fun Things for Kids on the New Explorer Website

Calling all parents, teachers, ministry leaders and grandparents. We want to share with you three fun things for kids on the new Compassion Explorer website!

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Keeping Our Head Above Water

head above water well

Most families in Africa don’t have enough water to take baths every day. They must boil water for drinking, cooking or brushing their teeth, and they hand-wash all their clothes. For the poorest families, even fuel to boil their water can be too expensive. Learn about being a part of the solution in our Fall Compassion Magazine.

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three people sitting on tombstones

Finding Purpose Among the Dead

Vilma chose to hope that she — a woman whom others look down upon because she lives in a cemetery and dropped out of school to clean houses at age 13 — has a purpose too.

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