What Can I Share in Letters to the Child I Sponsor?

letter writing ideas

Ideas for writing the child or teen you sponsor are a very popular topic on the Compassion blog, on Pinterest, on Facebook … pretty much everywhere. Here are some great things to try … as well as avoid.

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Giving a Gift to the Child You Sponsor: The Whys, Whats and Hows

Christmas Gifts

You have a few different options for sending a monetary gift. Each year, you can send $10 to $50 as a birthday gift, $10 to $50 as a general gift, and $25 to $1,000 as a family gift. You also have the option of donating any amount, we typically suggest $20, to the Christmas Gift Program on your sponsored child’s behalf.

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Man taking a picture of a child standing in front of a tree with a sign in front of his feet

Your Sponsored Child’s Photo: What Does It Tell You?

I’ve taken many calls from sponsors about the pictures of the children they sponsor. “Why is he wearing such nice clothing?” “Why is she not smiling?” “His newest picture doesn’t look like the boy I sponsored. Why?”

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Garland fo paper stars

Ideas for Fun Items to Send to Your Sponsored Child

Feeling low on creativity about what larger mail pieces to send? Here are some really cute ideas for things you can send your sponsored child.

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Why Do My Sponsored Child's Letters Seem So Impersonal?

Why Do My Sponsored Child’s Letters Seem So Impersonal?

Questions about letter writing are the most common ones I hear in the contact center. Many sponsors call or write us because they are frustrated with the quality of the letters they receive from their sponsored children.

A few days ago, I spoke with Judy because she was upset that her sponsored child, Carlos, doesn’t answer the questions she asks in her letters. She was also frustrated because she had just received a letter wishing her a “Merry Christmas” … in June!

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A smiling child wearing a pink dress and orange blanket standing in front of a fence

Out of the Mouths of Babes

“A child in Indonesia wanted to know if people in Canada had hair on their feet to protect them from the cold.” Another child asked, “Is math the same in every country?”

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Compassion global ministry center

The Contact Center: Who Are You Talking To?

We can’t really call ourselves a “call center” any more. Why? Because these days we do much, MUCH more than just take calls.

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Small wreath that says joy.

It’s Not Too Early for Christmas

I know it may seem a little early, but now is actually the perfect time to get your Christmas gifts and letters in the mail to your sponsored child.

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A man reading some papers

Nine Most Common Correspondence Questions

Questions about correspondence are among the most common we hear among support community and in the contact center.

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Pinterest logo

Come Pin With Us!

Did you know that we’re on Pinterest? You can find us here: pinterest.com/compassion.

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racks of sorting bins

An Inside Look: Correspondence at Compassion

Since implementing the new online letter writing tool, we receive about 7,000 web letters each day compared to the 1,000 or so we received daily before the tool was implemented.

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hello kitty backpack

Can I Send This Gift to My Sponsored Child?

Our correspondence team receives many gifts from sponsors for their sponsored children that can’t be sent to our country offices. What items can be sent to your sponsored child through the mail?

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