Charity Streaming: A New Way To Help Children in Poverty

Gamers, streamers and content creators across the world are participating in charity streams, using their time and talent to raise money for causes they are passionate about in partnership with their favorite nonprofit organizations.

What Is Charity Streaming and How Does It Work?

Charity streaming allows gamers and content creators to use their talents and influence to raise funds for causes they care about. Streamers “donate” a livestream on Twitch or YouTube to run a fundraising campaign and rally their audiences around a cause. This past year, streamers raised over $111 million for nonprofit organizations on Twitch, the world’s leading livestreaming platform.

Streamers get their audience involved in the cause through curating fun donation incentives, milestones and giveaways. When viewers donate, streamers agree to take actions like shaving their head, doing 20 pushups, eating a worm, getting a pie to the face or any other fun challenges they come up with. Sometimes when they hit their fundraising goal, streamers will give out prizes or do something extra crazy.

Compassion’s Efforts in This Space

Building Homes in Haiti

Compassion first piloted charity streaming in October 2021 to raise relief funds for Haiti after a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the southwest side of the country. The earthquake impacted more than 15,600 Compassion-assisted children who lost homes, family members and their sense of safety. In partnership with 10 Christian gaming groups, Compassion hosted “Hope for Haiti” and raised more than $30,000 for these children in 40 hours. The money went toward rebuilding and repairing 20 homes for children and their families who had lost theirs in the earthquake. The initiative highlighted the depth of passion and generosity of the online gaming community to fight poverty and use their influence for good.

Courtney Dahl, innovation specialist at Compassion, says, “My exposure to the gaming and streaming world has opened my eyes to how God is moving in the digital space. Countless Christians are using Twitch and YouTube as their mission field to bring the light of Christ to the lost. It was only natural for Compassion to partner with these influencers to empower them to not only share the gospel — but to also rally their communities together to make an impact in the lives of children in poverty around the world.”

A boy in Bolivia uses a computer in a lab at his Compassion center. Compassion's latest charity streaming event will help build similar computer labs in Bolivia.

Computer Labs in Bolivia

On May 6 Compassion launched “2 Weeks of Light,” a two-week charity livestream event. More than 30 Christian content creators and streamers are coming together through May 20 to raise funds to build 25 computer labs for Compassion-assisted children in Bolivia.

Bolivia has the lowest per capita income of any country in South America. Its income inequality is the highest in Latin America and one of the highest in the world. Many parents and caregivers are unemployed or underemployed. These computer labs will help secure a different future for more than 4,200 Bolivian children living in poverty. With internet access and laptop computers, children can further their education, gain valuable technology skills and earn certificates that will help accelerate their careers once they graduate from Compassion’s child development program.

You can tune in to the livestream and directly support the fundraising efforts for Bolivia.

Photo by Ben Adams

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  1. JEAN Louidonne January 27, 2024

    I’m Louidonne JEAN, director of Institution Mixte la perfection, Lacour 9e section. I’m so happy for the children’s help of the area.

    I have a problem with the HA275 project.l have four students in my school. Since they have borned, they are in my school. And now, the project HA275 wants to rescue them. For that, he doesn’t want to pay their scolar money for this year.

    I know the international compassion IS not an organisation only for the wesleyan school. It IS an organisation for helping poor children. I want a responsable to explain me about the subject.

    May God blessing and protecting you.

    JEAN Louidonne.

    1. Christina January 29, 2024

      Hello Louidonne JEAN, I am sorry to hear that you have concerns about the center HA0275. Please know that we take concerns like this very seriously, and we care about helping you. Please email us at [email protected] so we can discuss this issue with you. Thank you and God bless you.

  2. Kees Boer November 21, 2023

    Greetings from Bolivia. Yes, it is a very poor country. But right now it’s no longer the poorest country of South America, because Venezuela took that “coveted” spot. They were the richest, but they destroyed themselves.

    I know a lot of these poor areas here, like a 30 minute drive from where I’m right now. They really need the Gospel… A poor family might be very poor, but because they don’t know the love of Christ, they might throw a loud party, where they spend half a year’s worth of income to impress their neighbours. Then the next day, they don’t have enough to feed their children.

    The biggest needs are alcoholism and sexual immorality. The Gospel is the answer to both of these. Of course, it really is the answer to where we will spend eternity.


    Kees Boer

  3. Chrystal Hallam May 24, 2023

    Do you have children in Nigeria? My friend’s daughter was kidnapped and trafficked there. I would like to help a child there.

    1. Christina May 25, 2023

      Chrystal, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s daughter and will keep her in our prayers. We truly appreciate your heart for children in need in Nigeria. Regrettably, Compassion is not currently working in Nigeria, nor do we have plans to expand there in the near future. Please email us at [email protected] if you have questions. God bless you.

  4. Carl November 14, 2022

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Elimon Ndhlovu. (Pastor) October 8, 2022

    My name is Elimon Ndhlovu , a pastor from Chipata Zambia. I learnt about Compassion through a friend who is based in the Nertherlands.
    I’m asking if you can partner with us as a church , the Diplomatic Centre for Christian Fellowship (DCCF) as we have children in school who are in need of support.. As a church we have program to support orphans and other vulnerable but viable children in school from poor families and and chronically ill parents or guardians. We believe that poverty reduction through education is key in to sustainable livelihoods of the people promoting sustainable livelihoods in our communities Kindly contact contact.

    1. Elizabeth October 10, 2022

      Hello, Elimon! Thank you for reaching out to us about a partnership. Can you please send us an email at [email protected] so we can assist you further? We look forward to hearing from you!

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