A Little Bit About the Compassion Internship Program

You know the expression “Time flies when you are having a good time”? That’s an understatement, to say the least.

Here’s another question for you: Remember how I started out as an intern? (I really hope you are nodding your head up and down at the moment.)

Since the internship program was so successful last summer (and by last summer I mean three months ago) we are now beginning the process of promoting the 2009 internship program.

There are more differences than similarities this time around, and they are all for the best. When I began blogging at the start of the internship, I didn’t say much about the logistical set-up of the program, so allow me to fill you in.

I applied for the internship in mid-March, had a couple of phone interviews and was selected in mid-May. All was fine and dandy; I had a short-term, future plan. And then my parents asked, “Where are you going to live?”

Dang it. Minor detail.

Like everything else, the Lord opened doors, and living arrangements came together like peanut-butter and jelly. I’m hungry as I am writing, so excuse the lame metaphor.

As you can imagine, I was not the not the only intern that faced this “where to live” dilemma. That was hurdle number one.

Other hurdles included transportation; some interns didn’t have cars. Obviously, we all took turns and made up a car pool system of sorts, like little soccer moms. While it was an obstacle that was easily overcome, it was something that had not been entirely prepared for either. And considering gas prices in July, it was a slightly expensive act of love.

Speaking of expenses, unlike most internships, we were paid. And more than minimum wage.

Believe it or not, I am grateful for all of these little facts. Without them, I would have not seen as clearly the provision and hand of God. Without the distraction of simplicity and ease and, dare I say even comfort, I would have been blind to God’s goodness and grace. For it alone is more than enough.

Needless to say, there have been changes made to the 2009 edition of the internship. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Here’s a little bit about the program.

For starters, the biggest alteration comes with the overall length of the internship. Instead of a six week stint beginning in July, the new internship will begin May 25 and will end ten weeks later on July 31.

This is a change that I think will contribute to an overall improvement in terms of the ability to learn more while at Compassion and will allow the intern to inevitably accomplish more.

Another big change (improvement) is that Compassion will be providing housing arrangements for those who need it. Compassion will be asking employees and members of our local church partners to prayerfully consider opening their homes to interns.

Considering that ten weeks is . . . well, ten weeks, the interns will be required to make a one time payment to the family that they live with in order to offset any extra cost incurred during their stay. I think that it is not only fair to the family, but that it encourages financial responsibility on the part of the intern.

Oh my word! I sound like my Dad.

There are still other changes.

During my internship experience, Fridays were non-work days. Instead of working in the office we dedicated ourselves to community service.

Every Friday we went, as a group, to a different ministry organization within Colorado Springs that needed help in some way. We did everything from painting, cleaning, cooking, stuffing envelopes and much more. This day was completely unpaid. And perhaps the most rewarding day of the week.

For the ’09 internship, Fridays can be spent in one of three ways: working in the office, volunteering, or taking the day off completely.

There is one other major change that I believe will be a huge attraction: an optional, one week trip to Mexico to visit several different child development centers. The trip will not be paid for by Compassion; the bill will be footed by the student.

I think that this is a brilliant idea. Giving a student the opportunity to see what they are working for is an awesome way to connect the dots. My prayer is that not only will every student be able to take the trip, but that they will also not have to fight the emotional disconnect that I harbor. God, in His limitless grace and infinite wisdom, has been softening my heart and granting me better understanding in this area as of late.

Applications will be available on November 17, 2008.
The deadline for applying is January 15, 2009.

Learn a little bit more about the internship’s eligibility requirements and details. And if you know someone who may be interested in applying, please spread the word! Thanks.

As always, I covet your prayers.

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  1. Kathryn Miller November 17, 2008

    Hi, my name is Kathryn Miller and I’m currently attending the University of Minnesota for Marketing and Non-Profit/Public Management. I’m really excited to be able to apply for the program, and I was hoping you might be able to share with me a little about what you did as an intern. I would love to hear your stories, the best things about it, the struggles, anything you wouldn’t mind sharing!

    Feel free to email me at [email protected]. I would really appreciate it!


  2. Chris Giovagnoni November 4, 2008

    This post, as it now reads, is an edited version of the original post. Several sentences have been deleted.

  3. Meredith October 30, 2008

    Fantastic! Spread the word like wild fire!

  4. Vicki Small October 30, 2008

    Thanks for the heads-up, Meredith. Right after I read this, this morning, I sent the link to everyone on my team, as well as several local pastors and an old friend who is on staff at a Christian university in San Diego.

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