More Precious Than Gold

Being involved with Compassion, both as an employee and as a sponsor, has allowed me — and sometimes forced me — to consider things that I used to not give a whole lot of attention to.

One of those things garnering more of my attention lately is the many blessings God has given me.

It’s not that I’ve never thought about my blessings before. I’m very thankful for everything God’s given me — family, friends, food, shelter, clothing — not to mention the many “extras” that we as American Christians get to enjoy.

Working at a ministry, however, has helped me to focus on the greatest blessing — other than the blessing of His Son — God has given all of us. That blessing is people.

Ministry is first and foremost about people. It’s about building relationships that will last an eternity. It’s about sharing with people the good news about the ultimate relationship with their Savior.

I, like most people, have no problem thinking about the family I come home to everyday as a precious blessing from God, but here is where my time with Compassion has challenged me.

My family isn’t just my wife and two kids anymore. My family now also includes my sponsored child, Kimberly, who lives in Guatemala.

Kimberly may have started out as a monthly “feel good” payment, but many letters, pictures and prayers later, she has become — like family — more precious than gold.

There are always competing items in any household budget, but Kimberly, like the rest of my family, has no competition. She has, for me, become as important as putting food on the table for my family.

Although balancing a budget is never easy, many are facing even more difficult choices as jobs are being lost across the country. Yet those who find themselves in difficult situations like this are still making the decision to invest in people and not give up on their relationships.

This article, The Not-for-Profit Surge, in Christianity Today talks about one widow’s decision to continue sponsoring three Compassion-assisted children in these difficult financial times. It also talks about how even in tough times, Compassion is doing better than most people would expect. Praise God.

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  1. homeschool momma September 27, 2010

    Well said! We are so blessed in this country and to consider another family who has so much less financially than us is a reminder of how important we are in God’s world to reach out to others who need. We then are reminded to be thankful of all we have too!

  2. Geri May 7, 2009

    We sponsor 7 children with Compassion along with a few more through other sponsorship agencies. This time last year we had 2 Compassion children. We thought that if things are getting tough for us, then how much tougher must things be for those who already had problems making ends meet.
    Our sponsored children are family and family comes first.

  3. Jeanette May 7, 2009

    Many churches I have gone too have said the tithe is for the church, but I know the scriptures include the poor in part of the tithe. Frankly, I would rather give my money to support these children than to any church I have attended over the years. I only give money to a church if they have programs for feeding the poor and helping the community in other ways.

  4. Amy Wallace May 7, 2009

    Even though I am a student and only work in the summer, I am always able to send money to my sponsored kids every month. When I found out that I got a job for this summer, the first thing I thought was, “hmmm..maybe I can sponsor another child!”

    Money is no obstacle to God.

  5. Mike Stephens May 7, 2009


  6. Mike Stephens May 7, 2009

    It is encouraging to me to here about others in their “Compassion Journey” b/c it helps me with mine!!!

    Thanks Steve!!!

  7. Valerie Long May 7, 2009

    I, too, am glad that people are staying faithful through these rough times.

    I know that we’ve talked with some potential sponsors at Compassion Sunday as seeing it as part of their tithe, which helps both myself and the other guy I’ve been working with. By seeing it that way, it comes right off the top before anything else even takes consideration. That helps!

    I love my kids even though I’ve only been sponsoring since December and I wouldn’t want to have to give them up for anything! Of course, I’m also VERY VERY blessed to have a fairly stable job during these hard times. I don’t know how it would be if I actually was in fear of losing my job but I can hope that I’d still feel the same way.

  8. Sarah Charles May 7, 2009

    I’m so glad people are staying faithful during these hard times!

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