He Grew Up Hungry. Now He Fights Hunger With Science.

A man stands in a gray shirt in front of snowy hills, smiling at the camera.

Collins grew up in hunger, but now he is getting his doctorate in plant pathology to fight for subsistence farmers and fight food insecurity.

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Totally Worth It: Curated News and Stories to Ignite Compassion

Totally Worth It

We’re keenly aware that you don’t need more clutter in your digital lives. That’s where this new series comes in. “Totally Worth It” is our latest Compassion Blog series that is jam packed with stuff we think is totally worth knowing about … .news, events, pictures, stories, sponsors, you name it!

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tea farm on hillside

Roots of Hope: Tea Farming in Myanmar

Tea lost in the jungle, tucked away until its time to bloom. Only the jungle may be seen at first, but the villagers know what they have planted in the middle of that thicket. They’ve planted hope. Hope to break their cycle of rural poverty.

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