Celebrating Christmas in El Salvador

A boy lays on the ground, holding a sparkler and surrounded by Christmas lights.

It is sunrise on Friday, just a week before Christmas. The morning smells fresh and the sun shines strongly. A light breeze fills the air with that cool Christmas feeling. For a foreigner, it would almost feel like spring, but for Salvadorans, it feels like Christmas.

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It’s Universal Children’s Day — Let’s Celebrate!

Universal Childrens Day

Universal Children’s Day is a day we can celebrate the very ones we serve — children!

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group of smiling and playing girls

Feliz Cumpleaños With No Piñata?

Piñatas are often associated with Hispanic birthday celebrations. However, some birthday celebrations in Guatemala do not include a piñata.

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a butterfly on a white flower

Remembering Our Loved Ones

Throughout the years poverty related issues have caused us to lose sponsored children, family members of sponsored children and even some of our staff. On this Memorial Day, will you join us in remembering and celebrating the lives of these loved ones who are no longer with us?

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Easter in Kenya

Easter in Kenya

It’s dawn in the village of Burendwa, western Kenya. On a chilly Sunday morning, children wake up anxiously as they wait for their mothers to prepare breakfast. Sebastian rubs his eyes and rises from his bed.

It’s Easter Sunday and all children, youth, women and men are eagerly waiting to go to church and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As Sebastian washes his face he hums,

“He is risen!”
“He is risen!”
“And He lives, forever more.”

Suddenly he hears other children in his village and realizes he is late. He quickly puts on his best suit and leaves for church.

The sun’s rays can be seen rising from the east; there is excitement on everyone’s faces. Some women are balancing pots full of water on their heads with a lot of prowess. Some are heard talking in loud tones about the day’s events. Mama Sebastian says to her family,

“Kweli hi itakuwa siku njema tukila na tukisherekea kufufuka kwake Yesu Mwokozi Kristo!”


“This is going to be a great day as we eat together and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Savior!”


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Several colored easter eggs

How Do I Share Holiday Traditions With My Sponsored Child?

We often get questions in our contact center regarding different holidays. Things like, “What are some holidays that are special to my child?” Or, “To be sensitive to my child’s culture and customs, are there things I shouldn’t talk about?”

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From One Child to 1 Million Children

Watch One Child and subscribe to Compassion YouTube for more stories.

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