From One Child to 1 Million Children

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  1. Younghak Jang June 16, 2009

    @Chris Giovagnoni
    too bad, thanks anyway!! 🙂

  2. Tom Easterday June 16, 2009

    These videos by the web team are really great, and I’m glad that they are available for all to view on YouTube. How about putting a compilation together on DVD and offering it in the advocate’s cateloge or through the Compassion store?

  3. Lindy June 16, 2009

    GREAT video!!!

  4. Chris Giovagnoni June 16, 2009

    @Younghak Jang – The file is too big to send via email, even for gmail.

  5. Dana June 16, 2009

    Great video! I wonder when we’ll be able to add the next segment – 2, 000, 000 children sponsored!

  6. Josh Valley June 15, 2009

    Inspiring and empowering…more willing hearts God!

  7. Younghak Jang June 15, 2009

    This video is inspiring!
    I’m a sponsor in Korea and would like to receive the video file to put it in my car. Would some one please send me the file? my email is younghak.jang at thanks.

  8. Mary Dunn June 15, 2009

    Awsome video! Great Organization!
    Greater God! Humbled to be a sponsor.

  9. Amy Wallace June 15, 2009

    I love it!! Awesome video!!

  10. Jill Foley June 15, 2009

    This is amazing! I first saw it earlier today on Shaun Groves’ blog…already have it posted on my blog.

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