12 Cheeseburgers

jon bauer

Christian artist Jon Bauer watched a group of boys tear open bags of garbage to forage for food. He got up from his meal, went to the counter and ordered 12 cheeseburgers.

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Hope is a Four Letter Word

nathan tasker

On his arrival to the student center, one six-year-old boy had a packet of cigarettes in his top shirt pocket. He drank and smoked, usually receiving alcohol and cigarettes from the men of the village who he would hang around with.

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Michael W. Smith sitting with two Kenyan children

Discovering a Piece of Ministry History

Poking around the ministry archives, a commercial recording from a famous ministry spokesperson was discovered. Who do you think it could be?

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young girl embracing smiling man

Stop Watching and Start Doing

When EJ Swanson stood in his sponsored child’s tiny, nearly un-liveable house with walls leaning sideways, spiders in the rafters and a muddy floor, it hit him: “Sooner or later, we have to stop watching, and do something!”

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the Robbie Seay band with their sponsored child

Artist Spotlight: Robbie Seay Band

A trip to the Dominican Republic gave Compassion artist, Robbie Seay a unique opportunity to see how child sponsorship shapes the lives of children living in poverty.

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Kelly Burton

Artist Spotlight: Kelly Burton

Kelly Burton’s role as an artist has changed and she feels a new sense of purpose when she stands before a crowd. She is an advocate, speaking for those with no voice.

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lara landon

I See God In You

One little boy was not playing with the others, but he was smiling as he watched their game. As Lara walked closer to him to invite him to join them, she noticed his completely broken sandals and his mangled, bloody toes.

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Aaron Hale holding young Tanzanian boy

There are Only a Few Things I’m Passionate About

There are a few things that I am passionate about that I will never move away from. My relationship with God and my family, music and the plight of children in poverty.

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two young women with young child

The Sonflowerz: Sharing Music of Faith and Compassion

The Sonflowerz are sisters Elissa and Becca Leander. Recently Paul Haddix, Artist Relations Manager, sat down with them and discussed their new album and their involvement with Compassion.

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