How Does Compassion Prevent Child Departures?

A group of 12 children sit on the ground in a line, smiling. They sit on concrete ground, in front of a corrugated metal sheet and wood wall.

When a sponsored child has to depart our program early, It can be heartbreaking for the Compassion center staff and sponsors who have invested so much love into their lives. Read how our church partners across Honduras are responding to the unique struggles the families they serve face in order to keep children in the program.

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How Do You Say Goodbye to a Child You’ve Never Met?

How Do You Say Goodby to a Child You've Never Met?

To say losing a child you sponsor is devastating is an understatement. Whether that student graduates or passes away, whether her center closes or her family moves away, it can feel almost physically painful to sever that tie.

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From Darkness to Light: The History of Compassion International in India

From Darkness to Light: The History of Compassion International in India [VIDEO]

Compassion has served children in poverty in India for 49 years. But due to the government of India restricting us from sending funds to the country, we must end our sponsorship program there. Today, we take you through the years of our history and work there.

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Shaun Groves: We're Losing a Friend, A Part of Our Family

We’re Losing A Friend, A Part of Our Family

We adopted our son Sambhaji from India five years ago. He loves to read, pretend he’s Batman, and get mail from his friend Ranjith in the Compassion program in India. Compassion’s program in India will soon end. And my family’s relationship with Ranjith will end too. I’m struggling.

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Compassion International Ending Operations in India on March 15

Compassion International Ending Operations in India on March 15

Today I am submitting the blog post I had hoped would never see the light of day. With our hearts aching, Compassion has begun the process of ending our operations in India. If nothing changes in the next couple of weeks, our last day of operation in India will be March 15.

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teens in Ghana eating lunch

Three Things You Should Know About Compassion Adolescents

Speak into the lives of older children and teenagers. It could make all the difference.

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Why Do Child Development Centers Close

Why Do Child Development Centers Close?

We partner with more than 5,000 churches worldwide to implement our sponsorship program. And last year, 95 centers closed, about 1.7 percent of the centers open at the time. The number of child development centers that close each year varies. They close for a variety of reasons, and each case is different.

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Many children sitting outside making baskets.

What Do Sponsored Children Do When College Is Not an Option?

With the support of our staff, Fausta pushed on and tried her best to excel. However, when her Primary Leaving Examinations results came back, she had failed. It was then that Fausta made a decision to discontinue formal education despite Compassion’s willingness to pay her school fees. She decided instead to train in tailoring.

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boy writing in a notebook

What Do Children Do After They Graduate From Our Sponsorship Program?

One of the goals for our Child Sponsorship Program is for every child to successfully graduate with faith in Christ and the necessary life skills to become self-sufficient. Onidis’ story reflects the importance of the Child Sponsorship Program, even for the youth who don’t move on to our Leadership Development Program.

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little girl dressed in pink sitting on a step

Why Children Leave Compassion International’s Child Sponsorship Program

At only 5 years of age, Michelle had to say goodbye to one of the places she loves the most: her child development center.

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