Family Planning in the Developing World

close up of woman holding two babies

Women around the world face obstacles that most of us can hardly begin to fathom. Lack of access to family planning leaves mothers in developing countries with no easy way to control the size of their families, and in the end, robs both the mother and her children of a better life.

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Understanding One Another’s Needs

woman with veiled face

Are the needs of a man driving a Lexus the same as a man living across the globe who will never own a car? How about the needs of a family who can’t afford bread? How do their needs compare with broken families who eat in separate houses?

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Filipino man holding child

“Daddy’s Home!”

Every child should live with the confidence that Daddy is coming home at the end of the day. But the truth is, throughout much of the developing world, little boys and girls never get to run into Daddy’s arms.

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smiling children in Haiti

The Joy of Serving

Each day we have the choice to choose life or death. To worship God by serving each other with joy or to expect others to serve us.

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