On Being a Sponsor. And Passing Through the Fire.

woman and boy holding hands while walking and talking

One day all of our works on this earth will go through the fire. And those works, they will burn and bring loss. Or endure and bring reward.

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Three Things the Waldo Canyon Fire Taught Me

wildfire in distance

The Waldo Canyon fire gave summer intern Allison Temnick a unique chance to see the Body of Christ operate in its purest form. And through this experience, God revealed to her three things.

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peder eide

Will You Come to the Rescue of Children in Poverty?

The obvious part for a believer is that’s what God did for us in Jesus Christ. He knew He couldn’t just say “come on over here where there is no sin. Try your best!” He knew the only way was to send His son Jesus into our world, our burning building, and rescue us from the “danger, violence, and evil” of our sin.

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young girl sitting at desk drawing

God Is Faithful (Milagro, the Miracle)

Just like her name, it was a miracle that she survived at such a young age. Milagro lost her right arm, and part of her face and body had deep burns. It was a traumatic event for the baby and the mother.

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