The Making of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Enock

When a teenage entrepreneur is given the right opportunities to develop, his microenterprise changes the futures of both his family and his community.

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Microloans Provide Jobs in Haiti

micro loans

Families who lost everything in the 2010 Haiti earthquake needed help starting over. That’s why we initiated a low-interest micro loan program to qualified recipients to help them start new businesses in their communities. The results have been spectacular!

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A Hand Up Is Better Than a Hand Out

Is the thing I am giving better to give than to receive? Is the gift you are contemplating simply something you want to give, or is it doing real and lasting good in the community you are hoping to help?

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A Microlending Leader Emerges: Yamsuk’s Life After Sponsorship

“I am very proud to work alongside the villagers. I sacrifice myself, my knowledge and my time into the savings groups. All my work wasn’t wasted. But it is growing and it can help poor villagers.” — Yamsuk

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