The Ripple Effect of the Toggenburg Goat

toggenburg goat with owner

For centuries, large gatherings and special celebrations across Africa have called for goat meat. In rural Ngaamba, Kenya, this is especially true. That’s why introducing a new breed of goat to this community brought about such remarkable change.

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Female Literacy: Educating Girls in Poverty

female literacy

When it comes to extreme poverty, many studies have shown that education is one of the best investments for helping release children from its hope-crushing grip. And educating girls—female literacy—creates ripples that extend for generations.

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The Korean Orphans Choir

Korean Orphans Choir: Echoes of the Past

The voices of the Korean Orphans Choir are an echo of the past — an echo that, today, resounds hope for millions of children around the world.

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A Conversation With Richmond Wandera

Do you remember Richmond? He’s one of the Wess Stafford-Moody Bible Institute Scholarship recipients Celina told you about.

Do you have 21 minutes? If so, you’ll be hard-pressed not to be impressed by this humble man.

Greg Nettle, senior pastor of Rivertree Christian Church, conducts the interview.

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man with two children on his back and shoulders

The Ripples of Child Sponsorship

“What can I do in the face of such hugeness?” we wonder. “What good would my pebble do in such a vast sea of suffering?” But here’s the amazing thing about pebbles dropped in the water — they create ripples.

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