How Does Sponsorship Help Kids Emotionally?

A pastor of a church in Nicaragua wears a pink button-down shirt and smiles as he sits next to two smiling young boys

Poverty places children at physical risk, but it also places them at risk of damage within. It robs them of the belief that they matter, that they have value and that they can dream of — and achieve — a different future. Breaking down destructive thought patterns and helping children see themselves for who they really are — beloved by God and capable of changing their circumstances — is vital to helping them break free from emotional poverty. But it isn’t easy.

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Living to Know Christ More

close up of Olive Aneno

Recently we asked Olive Aneno about her career as a social worker. Why did she choose a career in social work? And, what are the differences she sees in the children of Uganda and the children she works with in the U.S.

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7 human needs summary

The Seven Greatest Human Needs

Beyond your basic physiological and safety needs, what are the most important needs in your life? What are your thoughts on these seven human needs we’ve selected?

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children walking on a door bridge

Mean Words Hurt

Calling someone “negro chocoano” is offensive; it shows discrimination because of skin color. Juan, a sponsored child, has been deeply hurt by these words.

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children playing card game

How Can Social-Emotional Education Reinforce Biblical Truth?

Social-emotional lessons develop the children’s view regarding themselves and others; lessons help children understand their identity as a creation in God’s image. Each child is unique, special and valuable and created with a purpose.

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spiritual poverty

Who Cares About the Poor?

If I cared, I’d be more like Bono or Mother Teresa or even Wess Stafford — someone with influence and name recognition, someone with a story. If I cared, I’d do more, right? If I cared, I’d dedicate my life to serving the poor — as their champion, as their savior.

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