The Remarkable Boy With More Than One Heart

The Story of Noah and His Hearts

Noah, a young boy in Ghana, felt like his chest was ripping. His heart wasn’t working properly and he needed God to make a way for him.

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Become a Missionary Without Leaving Home

children sitting on floor listening

We as sponsors have the ability to make a difference in the life of a child living in poverty and fulfill our individual calling here at home.

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man sitting on bench embracing child

What’s the Language of Love?

What is the language of love? Is it French (ooo la la!)? Spanish? And, how do we express love to our sponsored child when there is a language barrier?

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A young student holding a binder

What Does Success Look Like?

When people ask us what success looks like, we point to our children. Our children like Sandiele.

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close up of smiling child

Zero Tuberculosis and Three Cows!

When Joyce was just 2 years old, her mother died. A few months later, she lost her father. She had no one except her grandparents, who took her in to raise her and give her the love she so needed.

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man standing outside building in Bolivia

From Sponsored Child to Bolivian Cabinet Member

Who would have imagined a boy from a small, agricultural community in southern Cochabamba would become an important member of the Bolivian president’s Cabinet?

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Sami Cone and family

Let the Child Sponsorship Journey Begin…

Sami Cone’s children wanted to be a part of a sponsored child’s life, but not just any child, a child their age that they could start to relate to on at least some level. They wanted to feel like they were making a difference. They wanted to learn how to put feet to their faith.

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woman sitting between two young men on bench

Three Unexpected Surprises

A trip to Haiti held three surprises for a sponsor-Advocate that will remain in her heart and memory forever.

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four children holding up letters

Sponsor Letters: Gifts From the Heart

For children in Togo and around the world, a letter from a sponsor is a source of great joy. Most children see letters as gifts from the hearts of their sponsors.

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woman holding up photo of child

What Can One Surrendered Life Do?

Darcy Creech got involved with Compassion in 2010, part of a full-life transformation that followed years as an A-list party girl in her well-heeled community. She was adored by friends for her pizzazz, flamboyant life, and dazzling business success — the very things she now says left her with a bankrupt soul.

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riding motorcycle down dirt road

You Can Have My Leg

Neldi lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. Sejin became Neldi’s sponsor and “just so happened” to have an extra leg to give Neldi.

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A boy in a blue shirt with a river behind him

What Would You Ask God?

If you could ask God anything — absolutely anything — what would it be? Sponsored children sit down with us and share their questions for God.

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