How to Go From Guilt to Gratitude With Your Letter Writing

Promise is wearing a maroon shirt with a red and blue patterned skirt. She is laying on her bed and is reading a letter from her sponsor.

If you haven’t written to your sponsored child for a while — or ever — you’re not alone. So don’t feel guilty. Read their letter and be reminded of the difference you’re making in their life; then write a few lines in return before life gets in the way. You’ll go from guilt to gratitude in minutes.

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6 Surprising Ways to Practice Gratitude in Quarantine

boy walking with a stick

We’re living in unusual times, and a lot of us are really struggling. Gratitude is not the first thing that comes to our minds, but it has the power to transform the way we experience this hard situation. What does gratitude look like in quarantine? Here are six ideas to help you practice gratitude!

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Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings

November is the time of year that many people contemplate the blessings they have in life. This month’s Second Friday Letter Writing Club theme focuses on gratitude and blessings.

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child sponsorship program graduate

Inexhaustible Thankfulness

Francisco Perez remains thankful and practices everything he learned in our Child Sponsorship Program, even decades after graduating.

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people in church worshiping with arms raised

Where Is Gratitude in the Midst of Death?

How do you give thanks in the midst of overwhelming grief?

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children splashing and playing in a body of water

Thankful for Summer

I can’t help but long for summer. I can’t wait for long drives with the windows down, cookouts with friends at a local park, and nice refreshing afternoons spent in a pool.

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Man sitting on a bench playing guitar for a group of children in a classroom

The Sound of Gratitude

At the age of 3, John had his first contact with music. It was at a Compassion child development center.

Everything in John’s life could be dissonant if a particular day in his past hadn’t happened. Now, like in a beautiful symphony, John is conducting his life in a new tone – the tone of leadership.

John was 12 when everything happened. It seemed to be the last straw when the director of his former child center called his name and said, “I want to see you in my office now.”

Frightened, John walked to the place so familiar to him because of his aggressiveness and disobedience. But this was a day he didn’t do anything wrong. So he thought, “It’s done. There is no way out.”

He was right. For sure there was not. (more…)

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