Compassion Water of Life

water of life

Drink water and suffer diarrhea, don’t drink water and develop bladder stones. It’s a Catch-22 in desperate need of a solution.

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Not-So-Sexy Ministry

holistic child development soccer team

We believe that in order to make a long-term dent in ending poverty in the life of a child, we can’t only focus only on what sells or what seems most important from our outside perspective.

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school children running down road in Kenya

Why Hope Triumphs Over Poverty

If people are a nation’s greatest resource, why are so many countries in Africa poor yet the birthrate in Africa the highest in the world?

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wooden benches inside Kenyan church

We Are Transforming Lives

God has a divine plan to use us for His glory. According to science, 100 people working together can change 1 million people. Only together can we change the world.

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A happy family

Serving the Barrio of La Cruz Nicaragua

The smells in the barrio of La Cruz, Nicaragua were overwhelming, the people were distant, and there was a strong feeling of emptiness and darkness. Yet Mike and Tina Gannon knew that La Cruz was exactly where God wanted them to be.

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woman washing dishes outside

Choosing to Follow Jesus: One Muslim Woman’s Story

Being from a Muslim family, and living in front of the community mosque, Awa’s decision to become a Christian was not acceptable among the Muslim community

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Lives Transformed

One of the most impactful things I observed during our trip to Uganda was the profound difference between the children in a Compassion child sponsorship program compared to other children. Compassion-assisted children are connected with a loving, church-based program that provides:

  • educational opportunities
  • health care and supplemental nutrition
  • opportunities for safe recreation
  • opportunities to learn about important life skills
  • hope and a sense of confidence
  • most important of all, the child has the opportunity to hear about Jesus and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God

I met this child in the slums of Kampala. He’s not part of our child sponsorship program.

child poverty

I met these children at Compassion’s program. There’s a significant difference between the two photos. The children in our child development centers still lead difficult lives but they have a sense of hope and purpose.

Everywhere we went, people would tell us things like:

  • Compassion is doing great work in our country.
  • Do you know my sponsor?  If so, tell her I said thank you.
  • I love my sponsor.
  • I would not be the person I am today without Compassion.

All of the bloggers on the trip have arrived safely home, but you can still follow along since they’re still processing the experience and writing about it.

Check out the Uganda Blog Trip page and click through to the blogs to read what they’re saying.

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