Building Healthy Partnerships

Building Healthy Partnerships Acceptance

Examples of healthy partnerships abound in the world around us. Let’s take a look at eight dimensions of healthy partnerships from a ministry perspective.

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What is Partnership?

what is partnership

Partnership is at the center of what we do at Compassion — we not only partner with you, our sponsors and donors, but also with the local church around the world. So it’s worth understanding what we mean by partnership and how we do it.

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Trust Maia Hug

Nothing But Trust

Why should you trust Compassion International with the child you sponsor? Summer Intern Julie Willian shares her journey of first-time sponsorship.

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in good hands baby

Your Child Is in Good Hands

My heart is overflowing as I return to the dry climate and high altitude of my Colorado Springs home from my first trip to the island of the Dominican Republic. I left with a deepened assurance of the investment that the project staff have in each child. Have you ever wondered about the hearts of our staff? I pray that I can convey just a glimpse of the depth of compassion they hold within them.

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prepare your heart judah

God Prepares Our Hearts to Answer His Call

Although I would struggle with letting go of control, God showed me from the start that this was His work to do and I was able to go back to that truth every time things got really hard.

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man embracing group of children

Four Choices That Require Trust

Because of the trust of God’s people, He gives us beautiful moments of redemption in broken valleys.

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young boy flexing his muscles

Mighty Warriors

We may think we’re common people with normal lives, but God sees in us mighty warriors. He calls us to set God’s children free from the oppression that rules over them.

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Pike's Peak

The Gate to Answered Prayer

God appointed more than our times and places. He also appointed our work.

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girl holding paper heart

Do I Really Trust?

God is completely trustworthy and always good. And no matter what our circumstances, we can trust Him.

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large waterfall

Four Questions God Asks Us

We can trust that God knows what, how, and when to do what needs to be done toward the fulfillment of our mission and vision.

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Jemima Amanor standing in front of Compassion sign

Six Reasons We Can Trust God

Jesus cautions us not to worry about anything, not even food or clothes. He gives us six reasons for trusting in God rather than worrying.

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teens standing at attention in uniforms

Combat Boots

The battle is not ours to win or lose. We are not called to success. We are called to trust.

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