How Can Repetition Get the Creative Juices Flowing?

statue of Jesus with outstretched arms

As we enter the home stretch of Blog Month, you may be feeling a little low on creativity and words. Let this little exercise help get those creative juices flowing.

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The Power of Words and Actions

group of smiling women posing for camera

There are hundreds of women’s groups who meet each fall, spring, and summer for bible studies, and with such little extra time and effort, they can take their faith into action, being the hands and feet of Jesus in this world.

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group of young children sitting around table

Homeless No More: One Haitian Mother’s Story

Forty-year-old Jesula was a homeless lady who slept at the church daily. While staying at the church one night, Jesula heard about the Child Survival Program.

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boy sitting and writing beside a stack of books

We Want You to Write Guest Blog Posts for Us

It’s time for you to take the stage. Your perspective is valuable. We want to learn from you. And we want to be challenged by you.

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