Who Are Compassion Sunday Presenters?

compassion sunday Compassion Sunday presenters are men and women just like you who share the story of Compassion with their church on behalf of children living in poverty.

How do these Compassion Sunday presenters describe themselves? Scared. Nervous.

How do we describe Compassion Sunday presenters? Passionate. Obedient.

You can also view Who Are Compassion Sunday Presenters? on YouTube.


Will you become a presenter this Compassion Sunday and change the story for children living in poverty?

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  1. Kirk Turner February 28, 2013

    Send me too! Will share with my girlfriend.

  2. Susan C Killeen February 27, 2013

    Here am I, send me!

  3. Joy February 27, 2013

    Thank you. I was terrified last year but God was my strength! When is the date this year? I have not received anything in the mail. Blessings!

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