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Jul 11 2009

Compassion Connection

I got this in a letter from one of my sponsored children in Bolivia – actually a correspondent child. Notice how the child is connecting us together.

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Jaime is 11 years old and lives in the La Prosperina neighborhood. He had the happy opportunity to be registered at Jesús es Amor Student Center about six years ago.
Jaimito, as many of his friends call him, is a very joyful, outgoing, obedient and disciplined child. He truly loves his parents and siblings, and…

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We’ve noticed variations of this question – Can I stay in contact with my child if he or she graduates or leaves the sponsorship program? – popping up in several of our posts about letter-writing. So we approached our contact center to help answer it.

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People often ask me what my favorite part of my job is. For me, the answer is easy: the people I get to meet and know around the world. There are people working for Compassion with such heart and passion and such incredible stories of their own. Henry Guarin is one of those people.

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We are the Brasile family from Hamden, Connecticut: Thomas and Esther. We have two daughters, Larissa and Leah. We believe in the ministry of Compassion International. This story is written by Esther.

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I realize that God wants me to look at my sponsorship of Evelyne from a whole new perspective. My goal now is to win Evelyne’s entire family to Christ.

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The churches we partner with must meet a few requirements to be considered for a child development center. They must be part of an evangelical denomination, have a children’s ministry, have good church facilities to host children and have personnel to teach and care for the children. If they meet this criteria, then the formal…

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When I was in India last month, I met the boy I sponsor, Sarath. I had been hoping and praying to meet him, and I just happened to be taking a work trip to India.
I was a bit nervous. Don’t tell, but I’m not great with kids. I know I work at Compassion, but I’m a writer–more…

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Stories and photos By Consodyne Buzabo, Compassion Uganda field communications specialist

An air of anticipation and excitement hung over the Muzahura Child Development Center on the morning of August 26, 2008. While any day at the child development center is always a day the children look forward to each week, this day was going to be…

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Need help deciding where to sponsor a child?
Are you curious to see if you’re sponsoring a child in the “right” place?
Do you prefer tamales and red sauce or curry and rice?
Is your cruise of choice, boating on Lake Victoria or sailing down the Amazon River?
Are you more concerned about children experiencing drought…

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During and after the child photo process

Tell me if you can relate to this: When I first started sponsoring my Compassion child, I clung so tightly to that one picture I had of him — my one lifeline into his world. OK, so I knew from his bio that he helps his mom wash dishes and loves art, but I would…

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I knew that she was a sweet little girl, but it wasn’t her face that told me so. Her face had a hard look, as if smiling was an indulgence; something reserved for close friends and family only. But the hardness in her face wasn’t a frown. It wasn’t unhappiness I saw there. It might…

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Hey! I have new photos of Amisi. I was so blessed to meet him on my trip to Uganda last month.

He’s such an ambitious child! As soon as I gave him his new coloring book, he was on a serious mission to get every page colored.

I bought him some ice cream, but…

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Tanzania child registration process

Compassion International Tanzania (CIT) registered* its 50,000 child two months ago on Februray 16.
This historic registration ushered in a new era for us. It was a moment to put down our tools, celebrate the Lord’s favor, and thank Him for what he has done and for His faithfulness. It was a milestone for…

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Apr 2 2008


I sponsor a child in Haiti named Youvens. In the seven years I’ve sponsored him, I’ve never, ever seen him smile.
Even when I visited Haiti and brought him a soccer ball. No smile. He played soccer with me, ate lunch with me and never let go of the ball. But he never smiled.


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Yesterday, Mark shared about what child sponsorship is through Compassion and how it has evolved over the past 55 years. Today, Mark answers the question “Why Compassion?”

6. There are a lot organizations who use child sponsorship to fight poverty. What makes Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program unique?
Compassion is Christ centered, child focused, church based, and committed…

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This week we continue our 10 Questions series on Compassion’s holistic child development model with Brandy’s interview with Mark Peters, Compassion’s Vice President of Ministry Intergration & Innovation.

The Child Sponsorship Program (CDSP) is Compassion’s flagship program. For more than 55 years, Compassion has paired children in poverty with loving, supportive sponsors who provide for their…

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Lifting the burden

I spend a fair amount of time educating people about Compassion and what we do and how we are different. I love the process, and I love helping tie all the loose-ended questions together for people. It’s pretty simple to explain what we are all all about and proceed from there…
We do child development…

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Feb 29 2008

Something to Smile About

Meet Jeffry. He lives in Nicaragua . . . uh, wait a minute. We’ve explained that already.

From left to right: Mark Hanlon, Compassion’s senior vice president of sponsor and donor development, Jeffry and Jeffry’s grandparents

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Meet Jeffry. He lives in Nicaragua. He is our one millionth registered child.
A registered child is different than a sponsored child in that the registered child doesn’t have a sponsor . . . yet. Once the registered child gets a sponsor, that child is a sponsored child. Makes sense, right?
The registered children are the…

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