The Story of Pablo Moises

pablo-moisesPablo is a 13-year-old boy who lives in the city of Danli, located at the east side of the capital city, Tegucigalpa. His life has been marked by a rare illness that has caused him the loss of his hair and eyebrows since he was five years old.

Because of this Pablo faced depression and nervous breakdowns while growing up. His mother, Petronila, was his support during this time of adjustment. Perhaps the most difficult time for him was school time; the idea of attending school without hair was a hard situation for Pablo.

For six months, his mother Petronila accompanied him every day to school from 8 a.m. to noon until Pablo was able to adjust step by step to this new environment.

“I remember that I went with him for a long time as he was afraid of the children picking on him for his condition, and it was right when he was in 2nd grade that he started to show positive changes. God placed a Christian teacher in his path that helped Pablo adapt at school.”

With time passing, his parents decided to look for medical attention for Pablo, first with a pediatrician who was not able to give a specific diagnostic for his problem and then to a dermatologist who examined him and diagnosed that he was suffering from an illness called Alopeccia Ariata.

The specialist suggested hair implants for the Pablo and informed his parents that the process would have to be carried out in Colombia. Due to the lack of economical resources, his mother placed this situation in God’s hands and decided to trust the Lord that He would have a special plan for Pablo’s life.

It was in this precise moment in which Pablo was being registered at the Compassion child development center, and right away he and his family started to receive support and courage from the center.

Pablo started to get involved in the center and church activities, and later on he started to change his attitude toward his problem. In the first place, he got to recognize his problem and start to accept himself by knowing that God has a perfect plan for his life.

Pablo has persevered at church and has been an example for other young people.

“I do really enjoy being at church, and I’m also part of a discipleship group that we have at home. I also participated in a church retreat, and it was a great blessing for me.”

Pablo never misses the church services with his mother and his sister, Ingrid. His father does not come to church very often as he is always busy working.

Ever since he was a little child, Pablo enjoyed seeing his father working as a barber as he wanted to do the same thing as his father someday. Later on, his father took the time to train Pablo and taught him how to use all the equipment, and that is how he was able to learn this occupation.

pablo-moises-cutting-hairToday, Pablo is an active member at church and he has a discipleship group at home. He has been able to make some friends and is not an isolated boy anymore.

He is very grateful to God and the center for all the support ,and that is how a great idea came out from Pablo’s heart. He felt that he had to give something in return, so he approached the center director and asked her to allow him to cut the hair of the children.

His request was granted, and every Wednesday and Thursday he cuts the hair of children, about eight boys per day. He is also an outstanding 8th grade student, and he is getting very good grades. His goal for the future is to become a doctor and help others in his hometown.

“My school average is 90 percent, and my friends at school always ask me how I manage to get good grades, so I tell them that I always pray to the Lord and study hard to pass my exams. God has never let me down and that is why I’m doing fine.”

His life, in spite of his problem, has changed through the support of Compassion and Pablo’s willingness to open himself to get help and seek the presence of God in his life.

“Thanks to God for Compassion because I can tell you that this has been a blessing as they helped my son to lift his self esteem because my son received counseling and the word of God that strengthened his life.”

Pablo had been receiving treatment, but he stopped the treatment because of side affects. His hair will never grow back again, but he has learned to accept himself.

pablo-moises-and-motherPablo and his mother have become best friends during this difficult time. His mother is very proud of him because he likes to help others and he is always willing to get involved in every project activity.

Like any active boy, he enjoys playing soccer with his friends. He is also helpful to his sister Ingrid, who is in 6th grade. Pablo is a very intelligent young boy who enjoys playing soccer with his friends. He is very punctual with his school work, and he always helps around the house with some domestic chores. (He helps to clean his room, washes dishes, and so forth.) He likes to joke with his friends and enjoys reading the Bible and attending church. He is a well organized boy with his classes and school work and helps his father at the barbershop from time to time.

“I thought that I was going to lose my son when all this started and always cried but knew in my heart that God had a special purpose for him. Now I’m witnessing the work of God in his life”.

Pablo has found peace in his heart and has been released from his sadness and fear in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Gunther Gallo October 7, 2008

    Congratulations, Yuri,
    for this wonderful story, this makes us remember that even went we look the way dark, God always has the control and will make us cross to the other side.

  2. Sarah October 7, 2008

    I just love reading these inspiring stories!!

  3. Steve K. October 7, 2008

    Great story! My wife has a very mild form of Alopecia Areata, though she’s nearly outgrown it as an adult (though it can come back anytime). She has a cousin that doesn’t have a stitch of hair on her body (Alopecia Universalis). It’s a genetic condition without a lot of publicity or research currently. Not only did you put the spotlight on a great Honduran, you helped create awareness of an uncommon disease.

  4. Lindy October 7, 2008

    What a beautifully inspiring story! I hope he can become a doctor. He would have great compassion for his patients!

  5. Brittany October 7, 2008

    WOW! What an encouragement! It’s so easy to slip into “what does the world think of me.” But we are all created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27) and Pablo’s story is a great reminder of that!

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