Just in Time

emergency situation It was a few minutes to midnight, and I was fast asleep when my phone rang. I sluggishly reached out for it, wondering to myself what intentions the caller had at such an hour.

It was a friend who lived a few kilometers from our residence. I could hardly hear the message because she was sobbing heavily. My husband and I quickly rushed to her house, and by the time we arrived, she was crying uncontrollably. Her one-month-old baby was lying limp on her lap.

We quickly picked up the baby and, together with the mother, rushed to the nearest hospital, which is run by missionaries. I remember holding the baby in my arms and pleading with God to preserve her life.

She was diagnosed with severe dehydration; quickly an intravenous fluid drip was fixed to rehydrate her. By God’s grace, she started regaining consciousness and eventually recovered in a week’s time. But suppose we ignored the phone call—the baby would have probably died, yet it was in our ability to help.

This baby constantly reminds me of the many children we serve in this ministry. Their lives, hopes, and dreams are quickly fading due to spiritual, physical, social, and economic poverty.

Our timely interventions serve to reverse their hopeless situations and place them on a path full of light and hope. Failure to promptly intervene for these needy children would probably mean the end of their destiny, yet we have what it takes to help.

We are a team focused on one goal: to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Let us therefore unite in spirit and purpose to accomplish this goal.

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them. —Proverbs 3:27, NLT

Prayer: Oh, God, let your love flow through each one of us, enabling us to unite and serve your children with diligence and promptness. For such a time as this you have appointed us.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Catherine Wamiti works as a Health Specialist for Compassion Kenya.

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  1. Kim @ Stuff could…. December 20, 2012

    This reminds me of how we can help those in need….we have so much
    Thankful you helped that baby

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