The Light of Christ

The light of Christ I see in my sponsored child is . . .

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  1. Chuck Guth September 2, 2008

    …is the love she has for us.

  2. Kees Boer September 1, 2008

    Innocence. (II Cor. 5:21)

  3. Beth Ingersoll September 1, 2008

    shown when she prays for my family…

  4. Juli Jarvis August 31, 2008

    Wow — CD is a poet! And a good one at that!

  5. compassion dave August 31, 2008

    The light of Christ I see (in my sponsored child)

    The ray of hope, pure and undefiled.

    Will he listen, discover, and receive,

    That gift of grace which I believe?

    Our hopes and prayers which we remember,

    ‘Oh Jesus set ablaze that glowing ember.’

    And that our witness some day might be

    It is the Light of Christ I see.

  6. Brittany August 31, 2008

    …her positive attitude.

  7. Sara Benson August 30, 2008

    …her perseverance in spite of everything she has gone through.

  8. Vicki Small August 30, 2008

    …a sweet, sweet spirit.

  9. Juli Jarvis August 30, 2008

    …perseverance through hardship.

  10. Melissa Coast August 30, 2008

    …the hope of a wonderful future…for them, and the world.

  11. Sarah August 30, 2008

    …her willingness to help others and serve God.

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