Give the Gift of Experiences This Mother’s Day

Ask most mothers what they want for Mother’s Day, and you’ll get more “moments” than “stuff.” Which makes sense. What mom wants more things to put away or dust around? They want moments of quiet, rest, adventure and togetherness.

And we’d like to offer you a few gift ideas that could go along with those precious Mother’s Day experiences. Each one will honor the love your mother has shown as you give a gift in her honor to help mothers and children around the world. And we promise, she won’t have to dust any of them!

Does Your Mom Want Peace and Quiet?

Give the Gift of Experiences This Mother's Day

Get the kids out of the house for a few hours while she rests and takes a bubble bath and digs into that book she’s been wanting to read. To go along with that quiet day, give literacy classes for a mother in her honor – from one mom needing a break to another, it’s the perfect gift to empower a mother in poverty!

Does Your Mom Want a Meal She Doesn’t Have to Cook?

Give the Gift of Experiences This Mother's Day

Take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant. And while you’re there, give her the gift of food for a malnourished child to say thank you for all of the meals she’s cooked, and all of those vegetables she managed to sneak in to keep the kids healthy!

Does Your Mom Want a Day of Adventure?

Give the Gift of Experiences This Mother's Day

Maybe a day out on a hike is more your mom’s style! Strap on the hiking boots and let her pick her favorite trail to tackle. And when you get to the summit, let her know you gave a gift of a mosquito net in her honor, to help ensure that a child in poverty will stay healthy enough to play and enjoy nature just like she does!

Does Your Mom Want a Spa Day?

Give the Gift of Experiences This Mother's Day

Every mom likes to be spoiled every once in a while. Send her off for a full day of pampering, and when she gets home all relaxed, let her know you also gave a gift of care for a waiting child, so a child in poverty can feel just as cared for and loved as she makes your family feel.

Does Your Mom Want a Day of Family Togetherness?

Give the Gift of Experiences This Mother's Day

Everyone grab your bikes and get ready for a day spent together, laughing and exploring as a family. And that night, when she’s feeling the kind of exhaustion that comes from a perfect day spent with those she loves, tell her that you gave a bicycle in her honor so kids in poverty will have a safe, fun way to get to school.

What memories are you going to make with your mama this Mother’s Day? Share your gift of experiences in the comments below!

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