Which Adorable Goat Picture Do You Like Best?

We’re up to our eyeballs in cute kids over here (both the human and goat variety)! Cast your vote for your favorite adorable goat picture and your choice just might end up in Compassion’s Gift Catalog!

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The Reasons Why These Kids Love Their Dads Are the Best!

For this Father’s Day, we asked the children we serve around the world to tell us why they love their dads so much. Their answers were simply priceless!

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The Remarkable Boy With More Than One Heart

Noah, a young boy in Ghana, felt like his chest was ripping. His heart wasn’t working properly and he needed God to make a way for him.

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This Is What Happens When You Give Livestock to Families in Poverty

Have you ever wondered why livestock are in the catalog every year? How could something we associate with a petting zoo really help release children from poverty? We were hoping you would ask! These stories will show you how a goat, a chicken and a cow changed the lives of three families we serve.

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5 Easy Ways to Encourage Kids to Fight Poverty

I often wish I knew more when I was younger. I wish I grasped that even though I was young, I could still make a difference. It doesn’t take living in a country with extreme economic disparity for children to begin learning about poverty. Here are five easy ways you can encourage your kids, no matter their age, to become poverty fighters!

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23 Resources Every New Sponsor Needs to Know About

You just joined the Compassion family by investing in the future of a child in poverty through sponsorship. Now what? Check out these must-see resources to begin your new sponsor journey!

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21 Heartwarming Photos of Parents From Around the World

In this photo gallery, you can see the journey of parents around the world. And through that glimpse, may you take away a deeper understanding of the love of a parent. Every parent.

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Give the Gift of Experiences This Mother’s Day

Ask most mothers what they want for Mother’s Day, and you’ll get more “moments” than “stuff.” Which makes sense. What mom wants more things to put away or dust around? They want moments of quiet, rest, adventure and togetherness.

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5 Biblical Truths Every Child in Poverty Needs to Hear [VIDEO]

Poverty tells children a lot of lies. But each Compassion-assisted child is given a Bible…the Truth that they can literally hold in their hands.

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Want, Need, Wear, Read: Compassion Style

The idea is simple. You give your child (really, anyone in your life you might be inclined to “over give” to) something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. And that got us thinking. We could do our own 4 Gift Challenge! But with the Compassion version, you could give those gifts to children in poverty.

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How Do You Make Christmas More?

Wait! I know what you’re thinking after reading that title.

“She’s going to tell me Christmas is too commercial. And that I need to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.”

You obviously don’t know me.

I love Christmas. I love twinkly lights and decorating sugar cookies and candlelight services and presents. I love presents. I’ve already started my Christmas shopping — NOT because I’m organized but just because it’s so much fun!

How Do You Make Christmas More?

This Christmas, I’m not going to encourage you to do less. The opposite, in fact. You should make Christmas more! Not more stuff. But more love. More joy. More Jesus.

Which moments during the holidays make you feel happiest? Bring you joy? Help you feel most in line with how Jesus taught us to live and care for one another?

How Do You Make Christmas More?

Is it the Christmas cards? Handwrite special notes for people you love (including the child you sponsor)!

The baking? Make a basket of cookies to share with that person in your life who feels alone this year.

The gift giving? Consider giving a gift from Compassion’s Gift Catalog — not only will you honor a loved one, but you’ll also provide a life-changing gift to a child in poverty.

How Do You Make Christmas More?

So go forth, and Make Christmas More this year! And let us know how you do it!

Use #MakeItMore on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to share your ideas for how you spread the joy of Jesus this Christmas season.

And follow all the inspiration as we post your great ideas and more to our Make It More Pinterest Board. Be sure to tag us and we’ll share your great ideas to inspire others!

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10 Super Father’s Day Gifts for the Hero in Your Dad

Provider. Protector. Hero. There are a lot of titles you can give the dads in your life. This Father’s Day honor the man in your life who’s always been your hero by letting him be a hero to children in poverty too!

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