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Mentos had an intern. And when you plop a Mentos into a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke cool things happen. Really!

We (the web team) want to be like Mentos … at least as far as the intern thing goes … but not exactly like Mentos. We’ll be a bit (meaning a bunch) more traditional in our approach.

Apply to the Compassion Internship Program.

The application deadline is May 15.

And as far as the Diet Coke thing goes, we (Compassion) can’t compete with Mentos.

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  1. Richard McClatchey April 19, 2008

    Interesting commercial to say the least. However, it’s true. I believe the mentos and Cola create lots of air and you can get a display like the one shown.

  2. Shane April 19, 2008

    Too bad this wasn’t posted a couple years ago! I’ll be graduating with a bachelors in computer science with 8 years of website development in a few weeks. Back before I committed to a job offer, I would have jumped on this opportunity (plus, who wouldn’t want to live in Colorado Springs?)

    Oh well, ’tis life.

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