MyCompassionSunday: Expanding Jesus’ Family

Children all over the world long to experience a loving family, and Compassion Sunday is a time when we have the opportunity to share that love with them.

While we may be far away, linked only by letters and photos, our loving words and smiling faces create a sense of family for a child living in poverty.

You can also view What is the Value of Your Sponsorship? on YouTube.


April 21 is Compassion Sunday and the day churches around the country are helping expand the family of Christ through child sponsorship. Not everyone is called to give a presentation at his or her church or to staff a child sponsorship table.

But if you use a computer at all, you can participate in Compassion Sunday this year and help grow Christ’s family. Compassion Sunday is an easy way to tell others about the needs of children living in poverty—children looking to be part of the ultimate family – Jesus’ family.

And when you create a Compassion Sunday page and get two children sponsored, a $50 family gift will be sent to your sponsored child’s family!

So how about it? Will you participate in Compassion Sunday and find a sponsor for a child?

Will you help us welcome new brothers and sisters into Jesus’ family? More than 400 first time professions of faith occur in our Child Sponsorship Program each day.

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  1. Jonathan March 22, 2013

    Hi, we’ve put up a post here:
    Sponsor a child. With a UK slant as well, as we’re in the UK. Good luck!

  2. Mike Stephens March 21, 2013

    thanks for putting me in the video!!!!!!!!!! twice 😉

  3. deron March 21, 2013

    My wife of 23 years is from the Phillipines and although I havent been there in person , I have a plan for when I do eventually get to go and I thought I would share it here. Her home village is in the mountains around Cebu and she talks of how the children come out in droves to see anyone who is ‘American’. Most of them are hoping for either pennies or a stick of gum. So I thought, with her relatives all over the area, and the ability to ‘purchase’ a land through these relatives I would someday want to establish a small mission in her hometown. Nothing fancy , it could be something as simple as a shelter house where a meal could be given for free each week. A meal, accompanied by a message of course.
    This would require me to find someone local, possibly one of her relatives to give this message and serve the meal. I can visit each year for a few weeks at a time but still have young children of my own to raise here. I wouldnt have to purchase land , but if needed I could through her relatives. It is my understanding that only Philipino citizens can own land so if it did take off I would have this option. I would also have to get it up and running, but public speaking and teaching is something I really enjoy so I dont think getting it started would be that difficult.
    This is still a ways off. It wont be til next year before we can make the trip , but I wanted to put it out there because God has a strange way of bringing things together when they are his goals too! As the people in compassion can attest to , a little money goes a long way when the target is the children. They influence the parents, and eventually their own families when nothing is asked in return. God has a special place for children and I just hope that I am enabled someday to fulfill these dreams!

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