Candace Cameron Bure: a Different Practice for Lent

Candace Cameron Bure squats on the ground, with a young girl hugging her.

This year for Lent, I’m doing something special, something a little different. And, as you dive deeper into this Year of the Bible, I’d love to invite you into this journey. But before I do that, let me explain why Lent is so meaningful to me.

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Inspiring Gen-Zers: This 9-Year-Old Brought Hope to 56 Kids

A girl walks down a street block, carrying a backpack.

We believe young people are inspiring and capable — young people from both around the world and in the United States. This article is written by a 9-year-old who will teach you wisdom and bravery.

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An up-close of fingers making the peace sign. Text: The Enneagram, the Gospel and Poverty

Can the Enneagram Help You Respond to Poverty?

We serve a God who cares deeply for the marginalized in society. The Bible is filled with holy calls for justice and compassion. But sometimes this call seems so colossal, we don’t know where to begin. But when we understand how we’re wired, our journey in helping those around us can become much more robust and tangible.

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Compassion Sunday: Why Your Faith Should Make You Sweat a Little

Why Your Faith Should Make You Sweat a Little Bit

Our culture praises comfort and ease. With online shopping, pre-made dinners and social media, it would be entirely possible to live our lives without ever leaving the comfort of our own homes. I know, I know … that’s extreme, but the reality is that fewer and fewer of my friends are willing to take risks.

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Compassion Sunday Presentation

5 Reasons Your Compassion Sunday Presentation Matters

As someone whose life was changed through sponsorship, I want to let you know the important role you play as you step out in faith to be part of this year’s Compassion Sunday. I hope these words will encourage you as you prepare for your presentation.

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Empower a Church

How Your Church Can Empower a Church in Poverty

Each year when Compassion Sunday rolls around, I get so excited at the thought of churches all over the country rallying together to speak on behalf of children in poverty. But until I met Pastor Larry in the Philippines, I never considered the impact of Compassion Sunday on the churches in developing countries around the world.

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Economic Freedom Featured

From Alcoholism to Economic Freedom

The proceeds of East India’s Compassion Sunday campaign bring the promise of a confident future to eight Child Survival Program fathers and their family members.

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Compassion Sunday Tips featured

Tips from Compassion Sunday Pros

We’re getting so excited for Compassion Sunday on April 26th! This is a day when thousands of children living in poverty will gain a sponsor and new opportunities for their lives. But we know that hosting Compassion Sunday can be a little intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. Never fear! We’ve asked a few people who are old pros at hosting Compassion Sunday what they would like to share with people who are thinking of hosting their first Compassion Sunday.

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compassion sunday cross

Uniting the Global Church Through Compassion Sunday

Compassion Sunday is a day for churches across America to share the Bible’s message of caring for those in need and to give people the opportunity to sponsor a child. But even more than that, it’s a day when churches in America come together in solidarity with churches in the developing world.

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Samuel Orlando

A Life Changed: Samuel’s Story

After his father’s death Samuel found himself on the streets at 5 years old. He felt abandoned and thought his fate was to become a drug addict or a thief.

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Jey Mbiro

A Life Changed: Jey’s Story

At the age of 9, Jey was sent to prison for stealing a purse. It was from there he prayed, “God if you exist, please take me out of this prison. I don’t want to live this life any more. And when you get me out of prison, get me out of poverty.”

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close up of Olive Aneno

A Life Changed: Olive’s Story

When The Lord’s Resistance Army came into Olive’s town in Uganda, her family was forced to flee from their home. However, things dramatically changed when she was enrolled in our program.

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