When it’s Between Life and Death

man holding Dominican flag

Marlo looks up at us and he knows. He knows he’s becoming a man. And in so many ways as a sacrificial lamb.

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Change Someone’s Everything

Poverty in South America: Change Someone's Everything

October was going to be a normal month with planned dinner dates and errand running and church on Sundays…but one evening, one thing changed, and it changed everything. That one thing was a death.

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World Poverty Day Poster

World Poverty Day: Will You Share the Need?

One billion children world-wide lack basic needs such as food, shelter and clean water. Please share today, World Poverty Day, how blessed we are and how great the need is.

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close up of letter

Four Sponsor Sacrifices of the Heart

The monthly cost of sponsorship requires sacrifices — eating out less often, engaging in recreational activities less frequently, and so on. But we make other, less recognized sacrifices, and they do cost us something.

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misty hillside

The God of All Comfort

Ask God for comfort. He’ll give it in the most personal way.

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exterior of hospital building

In the Waiting Room

Our human thoughts can overshadow our faith, but that’s when we have to keep in mind that, “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

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person writing in journal

The “H” Word

Hope is the only thing that can enable you to look up. It’s the only thing you can cling to when you know that the world has kept on going even though you’ve stopped and you know you have to join them again.

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row of children's photos

Joy in the Mourning

Fully aware of God’s relentless pursuit of her, one sponsor knew He wanted to use her grief for His glory. Sponsorship was her surrender to Him.

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portrait of Bob Lenz

Meet Our Friend, Bob Lenz

Bob Lenz is one of our ministry’s speaker partners. Poverty takes many forms, and Bob Lenz has given his life to helping young people who struggle most with poverty of the heart.

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a group of children standing in front of a building

“What’s the One Thing You’d Like Your Sponsor to Know?”

Sponsored children reflect their commitment to God no matter the circumstances around them. As they share their lives with you, they are encouraged by your response to them through your letters and prayers.

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a butterfly on a white flower

Remembering Our Loved Ones

Throughout the years poverty related issues have caused us to lose sponsored children, family members of sponsored children and even some of our staff. On this Memorial Day, will you join us in remembering and celebrating the lives of these loved ones who are no longer with us?

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woman holding smiling baby

The Pain and Joy of Becoming a Mom

Wongduan wiped beads of perspiration from her brow, rested her hands on her swollen abdomen, and leaned her head against the wall. Feeling nauseated, she closed her eyes, hoping to rest, but the memory of her two miscarried children haunted her.

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