When it’s Between Life and Death

man holding Dominican flag

Marlo looks up at us and he knows. He knows he’s becoming a man. And in so many ways as a sacrificial lamb.

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Top Stories From the Dominican Republic Blog Trip

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It’s almost been one week since we returned home from the Blog Trip to the Dominican Republic. We’re slowly settling back into our routines. Remembering how to live in our reality while carefully carrying with us the reality of the children we met. More than 30 blog posts were written by our trip bloggers. It may have been hard to keep up with them all so I wanted to highlight my favorite post from each blogger! Hopefully it will help you this trip if you missed it!

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A blue wall with the word Jesus written on it

World Day of Social Justice: To Save His People

Being born in America, eating every day all day any day, being able to read and write, going to university. If you can say yes to any of these you are the minority in this world. You have influence.

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young girl with hands on face

Not Just a Day

Some days, most days – they’re just that. Days. And then one day. A day that seemed like it would be just a day, breaks open like a piñata you’ve been swinging at for years.

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You are so very loved heart shaped necklace

Just Yes.

Yes changes lives. Yes can change a child’s life forever. Yes can change eternity.

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What’s One Thing Compassion Bloggers Have in Common?

Each Compassion Blogger on this trip to the Dominican Republic has an amazing personal story to share. All different. All unique.

Yet as you get to know Ruth, Bonnie, Holley, Lisa and Bri this week, you will see something in their blog posts, something special they all have in common – a deeply held love for God and for His children.

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group of smiling children

Compassion Bloggers are Going to the Dominican Republic

A team of Compassion Bloggers will be in the Dominican Republic from February 16 through February 20, 2015, blogging for children in poverty.

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