How These 4 Heroes Are Helping Kids Right Now

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The immense passion and heart of these four heroes just amazes us. They sacrifice and they give until it hurts. Be inspired. In this difficult time, the church is rising up around the world.

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What’s the Difference Between a Refugee, an Asylum Seeker and an Immigrant?

Two girls in white and red shirts stand amidst foliage, looking somber.

In the past several years, the number of people moving away from their homes has exploded. War, violence, political instability and poverty are pushing people to search for better places. But the terminology can be confusing. What’s the definition of a refugee? How is that different from an internally displaced person, a stateless person or an asylum seeker?

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A boy sits on an old sofa in a garbage dump.

Scrappers: 15 Photos of Life on a Landfill

Many Compassion-assisted families make their living on the garbage dumps. They don’t have much, but they do have determination, grit and enormous courage to do anything in order to provide for their families.

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A girl wearing a navy blue pilot's uniform and cap sits on a sidewalk, holding a toy airplane up into the sky, looking at it.

Shooting for the Moon: 6 Kids in Poverty Share Their Dreams

We asked sponsored children in South America what they want to be when they grow up. We love their adorable photos and quotes — showing just how much hope these kids have!

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A woman in a pink shirt, jeans and a baseball cap sits on a turquoise bike on a roadside, with a sign behind her that reads,

7 People Who Defeated Poverty With Their Sponsors

Read the stories of just a few people whose lives have been transformed, thanks to the support of their sponsors. Be inspired and encouraged that you are coming alongside young people just like these as they work to craft a future of purpose.

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11-Year-Old Steven Needs Your Help After a Violent Attack

UPDATE: 11-Year-Old Steven Needs Your Help After a Violent Attack

While playing outside his home in Ecuador, Steven was violently attacked by neighborhood teens. Now in critical condition and holding on for life, he needs your help and prayers.

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For the Love of Her Daughter With Down Syndrome

For the Love of Her Daughter With Down Syndrome

Even though she’s a single mom who lives in an impoverished community in Ecuador, Blanca is determined to see her daughter Naomi who has Down syndrome succeed.

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people packing boxes for relief effort

Ecuador Earthquake Relief Efforts: Churches United

Compassion Ecuador staff and church partners are still working tirelessly to assess the full extent of the situation and damage of the April 16 earthquake. The immediate and long term needs are still great.

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Ecuador Earthquake, What You Can Do

Ecuador Earthquake: What You Can Do

Over 13,000 Compassion-assisted Children live within a 30-mile radius of the epicenter of the devastating earthquake that struck Ecuador on Saturday night. The Compassion Ecuador staff and the staff of our local church partners are mobilizing to assess the needs of the children, families and communities we serve.

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Do My Letters Make a Difference?

These few pictures from our moments with these children and their families in Ecuador don’t do it justice. Their emotions were raw and filled with such optimism and hope. A hope given to each of them in the words and truth found in your written words.

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The Power of Touch

The power of touch is not lost in Jesus’ ministry. While I believe Jesus could have healed people without touching them, I think those who were healed connected with Jesus and his body in a way they wouldn’t have had he not extended his hand.

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Definitive Guide to Compassion Blogger Trips

The Definitive Guide to Compassion Blogger Trips

Take a dive into the who, what, where, when, how, why of Compassion Bloggers Trips. And learn how to follow us on our trip to Ecuador this weekend with a reveal our our newest social media channel!

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