Ecuador Earthquake Relief Efforts: Churches United

The devastating earthquake that hit Ecuador on April 16 has resulted in unimaginable damage, thousands of people injured, and hundreds of lives lost.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief Efforts

Buildings in the Muisne region of Esmeraldas Province damaged by the earthquake.

According to the latest government report, the official number of those injured in the earthquake is 4,605. Thirty-three people are still missing, and the death toll remains at 660. Over 30,000 people remain in shelters. Electricity has been reactivated in many towns, but clean water and electricity continue to be an issue in rural areas.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief Efforts

Shelters where some families are living after their homes were damaged.

We serve more than 13,000 children in the affected area. We anticipate that many children have lost their homes. Our staff and church partners are still working tirelessly to assess the full extent of the situation.

Sadly we already know of three children in our program who have died, another child who is seriously injured, and eleven family members of students in our program who have lost their lives. (Update as of: May 10, 2016)

Will you bow your heads in prayer with us right now to lift up these precious children, their families and loved ones? Let’s pray that the God of comfort will be with them as they mourn.

Ecuador Earthquake What You Can Do

Be assured that if the child you sponsor is affected by the earthquake, we will update you regarding his or her safety and well-being as soon as more information becomes available.

Twenty-two of our church partners have been affected. And much like a parent must put the oxygen mask in an airplane over their mouth first before they assist their child, their leadership must care for their families and immediate needs of the child development center before they can meet the needs of the children and families of their communities.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief Efforts

Church partner and Compassion Child Development Center damaged by the earthquake.

To assist them, Compassion Ecuador staff and other church partners from around the country have come to their aid. They have been working as a beautiful example of when the Church unites to take care of one another – church helping church. Here are a few highlights of the on-going relief efforts:

Ecuador Earthquake Relief Efforts

1,820 survival kits have been packaged and delivered to the families of students at 24 of our church partners in Manabí. In addition to these kits, church partners from Chimborazo in the highlands of Ecuador, sent food and water they had collected for students and their families in Manabí.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief Efforts

Compassion Ecuador staff continue to support the pastors and staff of our church partners with kits of non-perishable food, hygiene items, and water containers. For the churches in Manabí, they have provided 309 families of pastors and staff with supplies that will support up to seven family members for 15 days.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief Efforts

A water tank at one of the child development centers affected by the earthquake has already been repaired and is now providing clean water to other church partners and communities nearby. Ecuador Earthquake Relief Efforts

Emotional and spiritual recovery is also a priority. Last week a group of 12 pastors and psychologists from church partners in Manabí began offering group therapy services to all pastors and staff of church partners in the area, who have been extremely grateful for the support.

Please continue to pray for the victims and Compassion Ecuador as they continue to assess damage and meet the needs of the children, churches and families. Here are some ideas of how you can pray with us.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief Efforts

In addition to your prayers, you can help support these local church heroes financially. Your gift will help meet immediate needs like food, water, medical care, shelter and counseling, as well as support the rebuilding efforts for our church partners that will continue well into the future.

We’re humbled by the generosity of those who have already given. Thank you for supporting the needs of our local church partners and the victims of the Ecuador earthquake!

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  1. Wayne and Carrie Owen August 25, 2016

    Waiting for an update on village of Anchayacu. Have not gotten any specifics re: earthquake damage there. Thank you, Carrie Owen

    1. Sarah August 26, 2016

      Hi Carrie! I actually saw you emailed us this morning about this situation too. I’m happy to respond to you here as well. Your sweet girl, Mayerly, and all of the children/ staff at the center are safe and doing well. The earthquake did not have any effect on her area :).

  2. Ben Payne June 28, 2016

    Our family has sponsored 2 children from Ecuador for a few year now. We have been praying fervently for them and especially more since the earthquake. We have not had any recent letters from the children and we are worried. Has there been any update on Jesus Gabriel Ibarra Guevara EC-530-0054 and Emili Adriana Tapia Pabon EC-151-1030.

    We are praying that no news means good news? We continue to pray for them and everyone affected by this devastation.


    Ben, Maria, Jamie and Ben Payne

    1. Sarah June 29, 2016

      Hi Ben! Thank you so much for continuing to pray over your children and their communities as they are in the midst of the clean-up and rebuilding stages. The good news is that Jesus and Emili are both safe, neither having been affected by the earthquake, praise the Lord :)!! All of the children in Compassion’s program have been located and their needs and current situations assessed. The earthquake was a major focus for our staff in Ecuador for the last few months, which could be why you haven’t heard from either of your children in a while. Rest assured that Susan spoke with your wife today and sent inquiries to check on each of them. It will take about six to eight weeks for us to receive a response back, but you should receive letters from Emili and Jesus when we get the response.

  3. Zena Lawrence June 4, 2016

    Any news yet of our little girl, Idannia Gislayne Somoza Alava – child # EC-378-1108, and her family? She is in the Manta/Portoviejo area. We are very concerned for her

    1. Emily Vanhoutan June 6, 2016

      Hi Zena! Thank you for your care and concern for your sweet girl. I see that one of our representatives contacted you today and gave you information on your sweet child. Unfortunately, your girl did lose some household items but thankfully, she’s alright and was not injured. We’re so grateful to God that she is safe. Sadly, her center was destroyed but rest assured Compassion is hard at work to restore a safe place for these children to continue coming to receive the benefits of your love and support. Currently, Compassion is working with the affected children and their families to provide for their immediate needs and have been able to distribute survival kits. Compassion will continue to work with these children in the coming months to assist them with emotional and psychological recovery and will be assisting the affected projects with needed repairs or reconstruction of their buildings. You can also check out our Crisis Update webpage at Let us know if you have any other questions and thanks for your love and encouragement to Idannia through your letters during this time as I know they will be a blessing to she and her family as they recover!

  4. Cheryl McElroy May 31, 2016

    Hi, I’ve been waiting to hear some news about the young man, Daniel, that we sponsor, who goes to the Bethel Center in Ecuador. Any news from them yet?

    1. Amy Hawbaker June 1, 2016

      Cheryl, thank you so much for your concern! I have sent you an email with information regarding Daniel.

  5. Janet May 9, 2016

    My good friend Karen Ward has a girl in Ecuador and she is very worried. I was hoping you knew something about her.

    1. Susan Sayler May 9, 2016

      Janet, we have been providing immediate needs, collecting information, and contacting those sponsors whose children were affected. If your friend has not been contacted, most likely her is child is fine. However, she is welcome to call 800-336-7676 or email [email protected] to confirm.

  6. J.Joshua Kono May 4, 2016

    My worst fear had come true: three of our Compassion children lost their lives.
    I also wept for children murdered during the genocide of 1990s in Rwanda.
    My heart, along with my prayer and giving, goes after my own flesh and blood in Christ in Ecuador.
    Father God, let me be broken by what breaks Your heart.

    1. Susan Sayler May 5, 2016

      Joshua, God bless you for your heart for these children. I know God’s heart is weeping over these little ones who were lost and you are right there with God’s heart.

      1. Peter Nkubi Mugambi May 10, 2016

        welcome to Kenya Pentecostal Holiness Church

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