The “H” Word

person writing in journal

Hope is the only thing that can enable you to look up. It’s the only thing you can cling to when you know that the world has kept on going even though you’ve stopped and you know you have to join them again.

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Joy in the Mourning

row of children's photos

Fully aware of God’s relentless pursuit of her, one sponsor knew He wanted to use her grief for His glory. Sponsorship was her surrender to Him.

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person comforting girl

Enter In

Death. It’s such a difficult thing to try to talk about.

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group of children working on art projects

We Need to Be Kids Again

It was not for nothing that Jesus used the example of children to show the spiritual receptivity needed to enter His kingdom.

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people in church worshiping with arms raised

Where Is Gratitude in the Midst of Death?

How do you give thanks in the midst of overwhelming grief?

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That Letter You Need to Write

The message from Compassion International on my voice mail said, “Call right away.” I had a knot in my stomach. Something was wrong. Compassion does not call sponsors just to chat.

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