5 Bible Verses About Hope for Hard Times

girl in a white shirt sitting outside with a book open on her lap

Life is hard, and in troubling times, hope can feel impossible. Luckily, in those moments, the God of hope is near to us, ready to lift our heads and turn our eyes to the brighter future ahead. If you’re struggling, there’s hope to be found in God’s Word. Below, you’ll find five Bible verses about hope in hard times and learn how to apply them in any situation. A

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When it’s Between Life and Death

man holding Dominican flag

Marlo looks up at us and he knows. He knows he’s becoming a man. And in so many ways as a sacrificial lamb.

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Samuel, in a white shirt, María Salome, in a fuchsia t-shirt, and Maria Angelica, in denim overalls, are running home along a dirt, gravel road while holding the Illustrated Bibles they received at the project.

Just the Message of Hope You Needed Today

I love words and always have. Early on, I began collecting the words of others. From famous quotes I integrated into my papers to the collection of handwritten notes I gathered from beloved family members, the beauty of words were clear to me. And yet, as a young woman with a sensitive heart, I also felt the pain of a harshly spoken word or a message delivered with a cold attitude.

During this tumultuous time, specific words are needed — the gospel, a message of hope.

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A man, Santiago

An Easter Message of Hope

Hope is a fragile but powerful force. When you have hope, no challenge seems too great. When you don’t, even the smallest task becomes overwhelming. But hope in the Lord can truly renew our strength. Be inspired by this Easter message of hope from our President and CEO!

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Hope for Children Redeemed Gospel Church

How Does the Church Offer Hope for Children in Poverty?

The challenges a church faces when serving a poverty stricken community can appear insurmountable. However, when the will of that community is to have a better future, children have the opportunity to accomplish great things.

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compassion summer intern kelly paint

Compassion Summer Intern: Hope Is Here

Every summer, 20 university students enroll in our 10.5 week internship program for the opportunity to gain professional experience within Compassion. From the intern trip to Esculinda, Guatemala, Kelly Uchiumi shares what she witnessed as one of the key ingredients in breaking the cycle of poverty.

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group of smiling children

Healing Rwanda’s Hurting Children

20 years ago images of the Rwandan genocide horrified us. Today, there are new images to be seen in Rwanda.

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close up of young smiling girl

The Mighty Act of a Small Whisper

Sponsoring change is a declarative act that starts as a whisper and builds into a loud and celebratory shout. It is about investing in the things of heaven – in things like compassion, belief, and “the least of these.”

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baby sucking thumb

Anxious for Heaven

Because of the sacrifice made by her son, Jesus, mothers around the world can know hope.

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ending poverty boy wearing a swimming mask

The Key to Ending Poverty is Hope

The key to ending poverty resides in the capacity of human beings—and their view of their own capacity—to facilitate positive change.

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photos of children waiting for sponsors

Hope Deferred

Do children waiting for a sponsor question their value based on whether they have a sponsor or not? Do they compare themselves to their sponsored friends and find themselves wanting?

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Field of wheat.

Hope as Wide as the Prairie

Our pioneer ancestors scraped and sacrificed and barely got by, in many ways living a similar lifestyle to what millions of subsistence farmers still lead around the world.

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