10 Things to Expect of an Internship at Compassion

Compassion interns come from all across the globe (representing 17 states and four countries in my summer) with unique gifts and talents. No two interns come from the same background or have the same story. However, we all experienced some commonalities, and I’d like to give you a glance as to what that looked like for us. If you’re thinking about interning at Compassion, I’d definitely encourage you to apply. Take a gander at these 10 things you can expect of an internship at Compassion and you’ll see why…

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How to Land an Outstanding Christian Internship

This is my dream internship – combining my passions for children and global missions with my marketing degree. I worked hard to land it. And I’m here to share with you, Christian internship seeker, how to land yours. The application and interview process can be crazy overwhelming and you may have absolutely no idea where to begin. And that’s totally fine – I gotchu! God’s gotchu!

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Is a Nonprofit Internship the Best Choice for You?

In my eyes, the trade-off of tan lines for résumé lines wasn’t worth it if there wasn’t any eternal value, purpose or opportunity for growth in summer internship assignments. My advisors stressed the importance of interning, but I kept shying away from surrendering one last summer in the sun to the corporate world. That is, until I started looking within the nonprofit sector.

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Compassion Internship: A Summer Well Spent

Five summer interns share the highlights of their experience at Compassion and the impact of working to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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Nothing But Trust

Why should you trust Compassion International with the child you sponsor? Summer Intern Julie Willian shares her journey of first-time sponsorship.

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Compassion Summer Intern: Putting a Face on Poverty

Every summer, 20 university students enroll in our 10 1/2-week internship program for the opportunity to gain professional experience within Compassion. After the Compassion summer intern trip to Guatemala, Veronica Fertzer advocates for all children who live in extreme poverty, not just those in the Compassion program.

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Compassion Summer Intern: Hope Is Here

Every summer, 20 university students enroll in our 10.5 week internship program for the opportunity to gain professional experience within Compassion. From the intern trip to Esculinda, Guatemala, Kelly Uchiumi shares what she witnessed as one of the key ingredients in breaking the cycle of poverty.

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Compassion Summer Intern: Personal Compassion

Every summer, twenty university students enroll in our 10.5 week internship program for the opportunity to gain professional experience within Compassion. This year the Compassion Summer Interns traveled to Guatemala and Alex Tunell shares how two lives were changed for the better.

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Three Things the Waldo Canyon Fire Taught Me

The Waldo Canyon fire gave summer intern Allison Temnick a unique chance to see the Body of Christ operate in its purest form. And through this experience, God revealed to her three things.

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Inverting the Triangle

Philippians 2:3-8 adds value to the concept of servant leadership.

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It’s Happening

For those who have been following along these last few weeks, you know that I have been trying to come up with a new viral marketing campaign.

As of about a week ago, I think I have finally got my hands around something solid. Now, the fun and creative part is over and the nitty-gritty, detail heavy part is looming.

In all honesty, it’s wearing me out. I’m not a detail-oriented person. I like to look at the big picture. And it’s in the details that I get lost, feel inadequate, and am ready to toss it to the wind or pass it off to someone else. After all, I’m just the intern.

But I read something yesterday that revitalized my efforts and has given me a hope about the future of this project.

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Halftime Report

I’ve reached the halfway mark and it’s finally starting to get good. Why is that? Why is it that whenever I really start to fully understand and enjoy where it is that I am and what I’m doing, the end seems to be a mere few feet away?

The past three weeks here at Compassion have been some of the sweetest times in my life. As cliché as it may seem, I feel as though I have found myself. Or better yet, I found the Lord. Not to say He was hiding, but I feel as though my eyes have been unveiled and my heart has been opened to see and experience Him in a new way.

As with any halftime, the focal point has now turned from offense to defense. We have successfully created an idea that I think will be huge hit and now we need to find a way to defend it against the onslaught of logistics, financial resources and all other realistic killjoys. This is where it gets interesting.

Interesting also is the possibility of staying here at Compassion. I have recently applied for several positions which I am praying the Lord will make available.

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