Providing an Inheritance to Children in Poverty

Mariana’s mother gathers the family around her at night to read a portion of the Bible and to pray together. She knows this is the best inheritance she could leave her children.

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How Do Our Sponsored Children Survive in a “Ghetto Zone”?

Chilibulo is a parish located in the southern zone of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. This area doesn’t have much economically because jobs are scarce. A walk along Chilibulo’s dusty and poorly paved streets highlights the lack of progress.

On the sides of the streets there are little houses made of bricks and cement. Some of the homes are not fully constructed and others are old; the colors of their walls have long faded. Many families live here because they have unsteady jobs with low salaries. Most of them are informal merchants or bricklayers.

Chilibulo is also considered a “ghetto zone” due to area gangs and the high rates of delinquency.

This is the place where Mario and his wife, Martha, brought two children into the world.


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Who Has the Responsibility for Protection of Our Children?

Who Has the Responsibility for Protecting the Children in Our Program?

Our mandate as child advocates is to ensure that all children within our care and those we interact with every day enjoy a loving and safe environment.

We are committed to protecting children from all forms of abuse and exploitation. Our board policy communicates this clearly by stating that: “Concern for children is the cornerstone upon which Compassion International has been built. We are opposed to all forms of abuse and exploitation and will do everything within our power to ensure that no harm comes to any child registered in our program due to his or her involvement in the ministry of Compassion International.”

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