Blessings From Korea to Ecuador

four smiling girls sitting

Around 40 children were sponsored from the El Sembrador Student Center by Compassion Korea. Our entire staff in Ecuador was enormously thankful to the Lord for such unparalleled blessing.

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Learning How to Be a Good Mother

woman with children standing outside house

When Jenny became an adolescent, she faced early motherhood, conceiving her first child before she was 15. Inexperienced as a mother — and emotionally and financially unstable -– she sought refuge in alcohol.

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smiling man

The Prodigal Is Now a Pastor

German moved completely away from God, but God did not draw away from him. One day, when German was 19, things dramatically changed.

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man and woman with two girls

Silent Heroes

Silent heroes don’t show off or stand out, and almost never appear in pictures or headlines. These are the genuine heroes, the ones whose hard work makes things happen in the lives of children.

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woman holding young girl

God Responds to a Suicidal Woman’s Distress

The most devastating words Sandra remembers ever saying were, “If it wasn’t for the Child Survival Program, I would have killed myself.”

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red door on building exterior

The Door to Deliverance

The moment we recognize our sin as such, truly repent before God and turn our lives over to Him, we will surely experience the most refreshing and peaceful time in our lives.

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group of children learning

A Restored Water Plant, Happy Children and Whiter Teeth

When the water plant in Colta Monjas Alto stopped working, everybody in the community started to drink piped water that wasn’t treated at all. Little by little, the Colta Monjas Alto inhabitants, especially the children, started to get ill.

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teen girl holding letter and photo

Sponsor Letters: A Source of Encouragement and Hope

The Damasco Student Center has given Karen the opportunity to make a good friend thousands of miles away — her sponsor, Kyoung. Every letter from Kyoung is a valuable treasure to Karen containing messages of hope, encouragement and love.

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woman holding young boy on lap

Child Survival Program Celebrates the True Meaning of Christmas

María lives in the La Victoria Alta neighborhood, a place with limited access to public transportation and public services. It is one hour away from Quito’s downtown area, a place where the cold weather is so intense that people feel chilled to the bone. María is one of the hundreds of mothers who cry at Christmas time.

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man holding water jug standing with woman and two children

The Water Is Now Safe to Drink

This brand-new plant will supply, among other areas, the 21 Compassion-assisted centers in Manabí Province. These child development centers assist 6,394 boys, girls and adolescents. With the consumption of this water, the number of cases of parasites and cavities among children is expected to decrease from 80 percent to 50 percent.

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How Do Our Sponsored Children Survive in a “Ghetto Zone”?

Chilibulo is a parish located in the southern zone of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. This area doesn’t have much economically because jobs are scarce. A walk along Chilibulo’s dusty and poorly paved streets highlights the lack of progress.

On the sides of the streets there are little houses made of bricks and cement. Some of the homes are not fully constructed and others are old; the colors of their walls have long faded. Many families live here because they have unsteady jobs with low salaries. Most of them are informal merchants or bricklayers.

Chilibulo is also considered a “ghetto zone” due to area gangs and the high rates of delinquency.

This is the place where Mario and his wife, Martha, brought two children into the world.


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Who Has the Responsibility for Protection of Our Children?

Who Has the Responsibility for Protecting the Children in Our Program?

Our mandate as child advocates is to ensure that all children within our care and those we interact with every day enjoy a loving and safe environment.

We are committed to protecting children from all forms of abuse and exploitation. Our board policy communicates this clearly by stating that: “Concern for children is the cornerstone upon which Compassion International has been built. We are opposed to all forms of abuse and exploitation and will do everything within our power to ensure that no harm comes to any child registered in our program due to his or her involvement in the ministry of Compassion International.”

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