Why Abel Never Lost Hope During His Cancer Battle

Abel, a boy who recently won a cancer battle, smiles at the camera. He is wearing a red sweater

Jonah and the whale. Daniel and the lion’s den. Esther saving her people. David facing Goliath. These are all beloved Bible stories for children and are guaranteed to come up when you ask a Sunday school class what their favorite stories are. One story you would not expect to be a 13-year-old’s favorite is the story of Job and his suffering. But for Abel, there was deep meaning in Job’s story.

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How to Not Waste $50 on Unwanted Gifts This Christmas

How to Not Waste $50 on Unwanted Gifts for Christmas

People in the U.S. spend about $16 billion on unwanted Christmas gifts each year. Gifts that are discarded, donated or re-gifted. Instead of spending our generosity on things people don’t want, how can we be more intentional with our gift giving?

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What Do You Know About Deadly Diseases in the Developing World?

QUIZ: What Do You Know About Diseases in the Developing World?

World AIDS Day is coming up on Dec. 1. This disease affects millions of people and many of the communities and children we serve around the globe. And it’s not alone. Test your knowledge of the health issues and medical conditions confronting children living in poverty with this quiz.

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11-Year-Old Steven Needs Your Help After a Violent Attack

UPDATE: 11-Year-Old Steven Needs Your Help After a Violent Attack

While playing outside his home in Ecuador, Steven was violently attacked by neighborhood teens. Now in critical condition and holding on for life, he needs your help and prayers.

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Derek Gordon giving young boy a fist bump

Ministry Insider: Derek Gordon, Called to Serve

As the Complementary Interventions Strategy and Operations Manager, Derek Gordon is one of the people whom God is really using at Compassion through his wisdom, calling and commitment.

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young boy in hospital bed

Every Parent’s Nightmare

Many children are lost every single day. But, no parent should have to face the nightmare of losing a child simply because they can’t afford help.

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fix Fatao's heart banner

6-year-old Fatao Needs Heart Surgery

The total cost of Fatao’s surgery, including passport, visa, travel, the surgery itself and follow-up care, is $23,000. As we did a few years ago with Alexander, we’re asking you for help. Please make a donation to help pay for Fatao’s heart surgery.

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runner competing in race

Compassion Changes Everything

I was competing in Ironman St. George, arguably the most difficult Ironman course in the world. I’ve been a competitive Ironman triathlete for years and I was having one of the worst races of my career.

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