The Cost of Being a Sponsor

A women in a blue flowered blouse sitting next to a little girl wearing a blue shirt both touching their mouths with their hands

Our release cost the Father His only Son by the way of His broken, holy, sacrificed body. Release costs. It always costs.

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To See a Child Smile

woman embracing boy

The bloggers all sit in a circle and laugh and pretend to know Spanish and laugh some more. But not Ivan. He does not smile.

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woman and boy holding hands while walking and talking

On Being a Sponsor. And Passing Through the Fire.

One day all of our works on this earth will go through the fire. And those works, they will burn and bring loss. Or endure and bring reward.

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litle girl in a blue shirt sitting next to a woman wearing a red baseball cap

Blessed Are Those Who Thirst

This trash dump in Nicaragua is where mothers, grandmothers, men and children come to make a living. It’s where they find their lunch. For children it’s where they play and take their midday nap.

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A poster titled Compassion Bloggers in Nicaragua with a girl in an orange dress

Nicaragua at a Glance

Twice a year we take a team of bloggers to the developing world to learn about our ministry. This week the team is in Nicaragua. Take a glance at what the bloggers will witness firsthand.

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