Where I Do My Homework: 8 Pictures of Tenacious Students in Asia

Going to school and doing homework are normal activities for many kids. Sadly, many children in poverty never get to experience the joys and trials of school and homework — or the rewards.

In the following pictures you can see how children and youths in Compassion’s program fight to get an education despite less-than-ideal circumstances.

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15 Out-of-the-Ordinary Journeys to School

A girl and a boy are riding on a donkey. The girl is wearing a school uniform and a backpack. They are smiling

Here’s a look at some of the great lengths children around the world are going to every day to get themselves to the classroom.

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A woman, a girl and a boy sit at a long, narrow desk outdoors. The woman and girl are looking over papers, schoolwork. The boy is concentrating on his papers, homework.

Kids in Poverty Adapt to the Strange New World of School at Home

In early 2020, we documented children all over the world as they returned to school or began kindergarten for the first time. Just months later, the COVID-19 pandemic saw schools close in almost every country in the world.

As International Literacy Day approaches, we’re sharing these before and after photos of how school has changed for children around the world because of the coronavirus.

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Claiming Her Right To Protect The Rights Of The Underrepresented featured photo

Claiming Her Right to Protect the Rights of the Underrepresented

Asha has dreams of becoming a lawyer to help those in her community who need it most. She believes that nothing will stop her, but she’s facing incredible adversity to achieve it. With your help, she will.

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Lucerito Has The Best Tools To Build furniture and Her Bright Future

She Has the Best Tools to Build Her Bright Future

In Lucerito’s community, professions like carpentry and making furniture were often considered to be only for men. Then, she grabbed a hammer and impressed everyone.

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She's Aspiring to be a Coder Who Inspires People

She’s Aspiring to Be a Coder Who Inspires People

Georgina overcame the effects that poverty and illiteracy had on her community to become a coder with big ideas to help other children like her to succeed.

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woman teaching children in a classroom

How to Encourage A+ Excellence In Your Letters

Your letters have the power to influence the child or children you have chosen to invest in. They really do make a difference. Use your words this month to inspire them and get their mental gears shifting into learning mode.

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Fall Season Back to School

Celebrate Back to School With Your Sponsored Child

As your kids head back to school, here are some fun ideas about this fall season from our Second Friday Letter Writing Club on Pinterest of what to write in your next letter to the child you sponsor.

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Rite of Passage Desks

A New Rite of Passage

Jennifer Sekeyian Kisurkat was consumed by the song and dance of young Maasai dancers during the ceremony of a new type of rite of passage in her community. She felt “excited and privileged” to be part of the wave of change that the Najile School for Girls would bring to her life and the community.

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Schools in Kenya Evans the teacher

25 Years After Child Sponsorship

Evans grew up during a time of critical political and socio-economic change at both a local and national level in Kenya. But Evans had other challenges to confront beyond politics.

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close up of smiling child

Zero Tuberculosis and Three Cows!

When Joyce was just 2 years old, her mother died. A few months later, she lost her father. She had no one except her grandparents, who took her in to raise her and give her the love she so needed.

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education for girls

Education for Girls in the Maasai Community

With an education, Maasai girls are free to dream, compete with their male counterparts, and decide their own future. This feat was unheard of in years past.

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