Our Top Picks for Thoughtful Summer Entertainment

A hand holds a book on a beach

Media influences the way we see the world around us. It can shed light on our current cultural moment in a meaningful way. It has the power to spur us on to be people who seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our Creator God. With summer here, there’s more time to watch movies, read and enjoy music. We put together a list of great content that will help you and your family meaningfully incorporate compassion and justice into your summer media list.

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4 Fun Summer Activities for Kids to Do at Home

A white bowl full of ice holds five multi-colored popsicles, on a gray table.

If you’re looking for ideas for family fun this summer, we have some great resources for you! These activities are designed to entertain the kids in your life — while also teaching them what life is like around the world. Check out these recipes, crafts and games to keep your kids cool and compassionate this summer!

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Three boys sit in a row at a desk outside, each writing a letter. They all smile at the camera.

How to Teach Your Kids About the World With a Pen Pal

Do your kids have a special term for the child your family sponsors? Some kids use “sponsored friend,” “long-distance sister” or “brother in Uganda.” But what about “international pen pal”? Thinking of the child you sponsor as a pen pal could inspire your kids to write more letters. And that gives you a positive response whenever they say they’re bored this summer: “Why don’t we write to our pen pal?” Learn how you can use writing letters to your very own international pen pal to teach your children, while brightening the day — and life — of the child you sponsor.

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chldren playing at the beach

40 Questions to Ask in Your Letters for Every Season of the Year

Do you sometimes find yourself in a letter-writing rut? Need some inspiration for writing letters to the child you sponsor? Look no farther than your calendar! Here’s a list of questions to ask your sponsored child based on seasons and holidays.

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small child sleeping in hammock

6 Ways to Experience a Summertime Sabbath Rest

The biblical concept of Sabbath is more than a day off work. It’s an intentional commitment to rest and have reflection and communion with God — a healthy balance to a busy week.

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Reynolds family of four standing in front of the mountains

Share Summer With Your Sponsored Child

Do you have a favorite season? Most of us do and we all have great reasons why that particular season is our favorite. Have you asked your sponsored child what his or her favorite season is?

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children splashing and playing in a body of water

Thankful for Summer

I can’t help but long for summer. I can’t wait for long drives with the windows down, cookouts with friends at a local park, and nice refreshing afternoons spent in a pool.

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