Update From Compassion Togo

Remember when we registered our first child in Togo? That was about five months ago. Would you like to know how Compassion Togo is doing now?

Good! We have that for you!

Visit Togo’s news page and read what the Acting Country Director has to say about Compassion’s impact in Togo thus far. We think you’ll be encouraged 🙂

Also, if you would like to stay updated on what is happening in our newest country, you can subscribe to the Togo feed.

Excuse us! Is that you? Are you still here? Move along now, go read the update!

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  1. Juli Jarvis February 15, 2009

    It’s really great to hear about what’s happening in Togo. I look forward to future reports, as these positive facts begin to climb more and more. Who knows what these rescued children will do for their communities and nation in the future?

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