5 Things YOU Are Helping the Global Church Do During This Crisis

Dear sponsors, as you probably know by now, regular child development center meetings have had to cease because of the new coronavirus outbreak. But the child you sponsor is still receiving vital care, thanks to your love and sacrifice.

Our staff and volunteers around the world are as dedicated as ever to ensuring children are cared for. It just looks a bit different right now. Compassion’s frontline church partners across the globe are adapting to this new situation. They are redeploying sponsorship funds that are ordinarily used for group activities to meet critical needs. That means if the child you sponsor has any urgent needs, they will be met!

Because of your continued support, here are five ways the Church around the world is still able to minister to the most vulnerable, in Jesus’ name.

1. Protecting Vulnerable Children From Neglect and Abuse

Girl standing in front of a house and clothesline

Because of your sponsorship, Compassion’s church partners have been able to set up safety networks to protect children vulnerable to all kinds of abuse. While many families are quarantined, our staff is still diligently checking in on vulnerable children through technology and home visits when possible. And they are taking appropriate action when the need arises. Praise God for these dedicated workers and for your support to protect these precious children.

2. Providing Food to the Most Vulnerable

Children at a table eating looking at the camera above their heads

One of the biggest concerns of our church partners is ensuring parents are still able to feed their children. This looks different in each community, depending on the need and governmental guidelines. But you can rest assured that our church partners are making food available to vulnerable families whenever possible.

One 11-year-old sponsored child in Brazil had this to say about the help:

“I knew that the center’s volunteers would never forget me. I knew you would come to help us. I knew I was not alone.”

3. Offering Continued Care for Medical Conditions

Girl wincing in pain while receiving a vaccination

Many children rely on support for preexisting medical conditions or diseases, such as cancer or HIV/AIDS. Our staff is ensuring children can still access medical care to stay healthy. Depending on the community and what is available, they are also helping to coordinate medical care for children experiencing respiratory illness.

4. Providing Hygiene Kits and Education

Happy girl washing her hands in a green bucket

Education has always been a big part of how your sponsorship helps — and that continues! Thanks to you, our church partners are continuing to educate families and communities about how to prevent disease. Depending on the need and availability in different communities, they are also providing hygiene kits to families, with items such as face masks and soap.

People are also getting creative! Many youths are starting to make masks for their communities, and some of our church partners have started training their communities to set up contact-free community hand-washing stations!

5. Regular Check-Ins and Spiritual Encouragement

Happy girl on a swing looking up

Technology has become an even bigger part of life, not only in our home country, but in countries around the world. Our staff and volunteers are regularly checking in on the children you sponsor through email and social media apps, such as WhatsApp. They are using this time to ensure everyone is healthy, determine if there are any needs that must be attended to, and offering vital spiritual guidance and encouragement along the way.

Some of our tutors are even recording devotions and family activities to offer families while they stay at home!

Ways You Can Be Praying:

Mother and daughter holding hands praying

Of course, one of the most important ways you can be helping the child you sponsor and the global Church is through prayer. And you can be encouraged knowing that they are definitely praying for you too!

  • Pray for the health of children and their families.
  • Pray for parents and caregivers who have lost their source of income due to this crisis.
  • Pray that children will be safe from abuse and neglect during social distancing.
  • Pray for the health care systems in communities where resources are already stretched.
  • Pray for leaders to make wise decisions for the safety and well-being of their communities.

Thank YOU, sponsors!

YOU are making all of this possible. These churches around the world wouldn’t be able to accomplish nearly so much in the name of Jesus without you. Praise God for the dedicated volunteers and workers who, with your support, are innovating during this time to ensure that children in poverty are still known, loved and protected.

(Have more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page on Compassion’s response to COVID-19.)

Photos by Ben Adams, Javier Elis, Edwin Estioko, Galia Oropeza, Jonatan Ruiz and J. Sangma.

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  1. jucenavelyn quijano April 18, 2020

    i really wanted to know if there is any way i can find my sponsor??? his name is dennis doyle… he was like my second father and wanted to find him…. thank you so much if you can help me….

    1. Shannon April 20, 2020

      Hi Jucenavelyn,
      We would be honored to assist you with reaching your former sponsor, if we are able! Please send us an email to [email protected]. From there, we will need to gather a bit more information from you and hopefully can connect you guys. We look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Judy murdock April 17, 2020

    Christina, what happens when a child’s sponsorship has to be cancelled due to the sponsor no longer being able to provide? Do they lose the program benefits? Are they matched with a new sponsor? Do they join those on these waiting lists? I feel sad to think of children losing that hope and help.

    1. Shannon April 20, 2020

      Hi Judy,
      This is a great question! Please know that the day that a child is registered in the program, they begin receiving benefits. The only benefit that changes is when they do get a sponsor they may start receiving letters from that sponsor to help encourage them. Many kiddos go through times where they get sponsored, then they go back to the waiting list for a new sponsor because their sponsor was unable to continue. However, they still receive the same benefits no matter what. We want to make sure that the program is stable and helpful in all situations for these sweet children. ?

  3. Bill Louthan April 17, 2020

    I am still waiting to know if One of my sponsored children named Michelle is still in need of a sponsor. I had a medical emergency and Was forced to stop sponsoring. I have got my medical problems under control and if Michelle is in need of a sponsor I would love to sponsor her. If I’m right she is 8 years old.
    Please respond. Thank you.
    Bill Louthan

    1. Christina April 17, 2020

      Bill, I’m glad to hear that you are doing much better and are feeling ready to sponsor again. I am sorry to hear that we have not been able to help you with your inquiry. I do see that we responded to your email on March 30, 2020 as well as your email on April 2, 2020. Regrettably, we do not see any child in your account history named Michelle. Therefore, we replied to you asking for more information. Is it possible that you sponsored a child named Michelle through a different organization?

      I see that in February, we did help you by cancelling your sponsorship of three children. You were sponsoring Kadidjatou, a four-year-old girl from Burkina Faso, Imanirabaruta, a sixteen-year-old girl from Rwanda, and Ace, a seventeen-year-old boy from the Philippines who has a nickname of Bodok. There is no child on your account named Michelle. Did you possibly have a second account with a different email address? As we said in our previous emails, we would love to help you if you can please provide Michelle’s child ID number. Otherwise, I am very sorry to say that I cannot find her.

      I look forward to your reply. God bless you!

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