You Want to Change the World?

Every day we are releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. But where is the evidence?

What evidence of a changed life? Does it include an education? How about a relationship with Jesus?

What does a changed life look like to you?

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  1. Vicki Small April 12, 2013

    Of all of the children we sponsor, now, or have ever sponsored, just under 81% have given their hearts to Jesus. Two have left the program, one of them early and without graduating; of those two, one had committed her life to Christ. Of all who remain with us, just over 82% are committed to Christ, that we know of. One is Muslim; we don’t know about the other two, and we pray for all of them.

    They are all in school, all have help with nutrition and are cared for medically. Those who are old enough are learning a skill (perhaps more than one) which helps them generate an income to help their families. They all have a safe place to play and to receive additional tutoring in their academic subjects.

    Their lives are already changed, and the longer they can stay in the program, the better their chances of a life outside of poverty after Compassion sponsorship ends. And, for those who have not yet received Christ, the more opportunities they have to responded.

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