A Profile of Courage: Pastor Peter Mugabi

As a pastor in Uganda for more than 13 years, Peter Mugabi deeply understands the plight of the African pastor.

Peter Mugabi

“Pastoring in Uganda is a big call that God puts on one’s life. It’s a tough calling because many of our churches have quite a number of challenges.

“The expectations for pastors in Uganda go far beyond the spiritual realm. Our people are very needy, and whether the needs are spiritual, economic, social or physical, the church is the place of refuge. People look to the pastor for help.”

When asked about the specific challenges faced by the members of his congregation, Mugabi said that people in his congregation have “big” needs ranging from economic empowerment, support for schooling for their children, food supplements and medical assistance.

“Many people are sick with malaria, tropical diseases, AIDS — and they fail to go anywhere because they lack the finances.”

Mugabi also says that social needs are abundant. Many people have families that are unstable — and out of the devastation come broken marriages and child abuse.

Though Mugabe has to work outside the church as a teacher and professional counselor to ease the financial burden of his church, he is quick to talk about the blessings he sees as a pastor in Uganda.

“The needs that we have also have been our blessings in a way, because we have learned to trust God in our poverty. We wait on God day by day because we are not sure of tomorrow.”

Mugabe says that in Uganda there is tremendous freedom in worship.

“Because of the great need in our community, as a pastor, I can knock on any door and be welcomed. Ugandans will welcome anyone bringing the gospel. They are very open, loving and sincere; people believe that the church has the answers.”

When asked about his involvement with Pastors Discipleship Network (PDN), Mugabe breaks into a huge smile. As the childhood pastor of Richmond Wandera, CEO of Pastors Discipleship Network, Mugabe was able to speak into the vision as Wandera first shared God’s call.

“There was a great need to impact pastors — to empower, equip and encourage them. Many pastors have been called but very few have any training.”

Mugabi says that the resources provided by the Pastors Discipleship Network have been invaluable.

“It’s like on-the-job training for various aspects of pastoring.”

The Quest Study Bible has been a precious resource for him, Mugabe says, both personally and as he prepares sermons and devotionals for his congregation. And the Network’s resource center has opened a world of information, helping him access sermons by Internet as well as numerous books on various aspects of pastoring.

Still, more training is needed.

“I’d like to see training incorporate three major challenges to our people: politics, economy and our culture.”

In addition, Mugabe says that management training is critical.

“We’re not only pastors, but leaders — and therefore, managers of God’s resources.

“The Pastors Discipleship Network has provided an invaluable network for us because, as pastors, there are tough seasons when we are worn — burned out. And as pastors we know that every counselor needs a counselor; we need other pastors to share our frustrations and dreams.

“I’d like to give a Macedonian call like Paul gave in the New Testament. The work here is great, and we pray that the Lord would provide for us. Our spirits are willing but, at times, our pockets are weak. Just as Paul said: ‘Come and help us!'”

Article courtesy of the Pastors Discipleship Network. Download the latest PDN e- newsletter.

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  1. Lee Martin July 27, 2011

    Lee you are 100% right!. Those who take advantage of the needy and hopeless God will make them or their children to be hopeless and needy one day.

  2. Lee July 26, 2011

    The blessings of the most high are limitless for those who will give and help out the needy without grambling.All CI sponsors,great things await you outside the blessings you have already recieved.
    However,Woe unto those who will use such opportunities to take advanatge of the needy and hopeless.

  3. Pastor Peter Mugabi July 22, 2011

    Thank you all for the kind messages all seasoned in Grace. If you ever thought of helping us. Channel your help through PDN, or else there are many people who can take advantage. We believe we are put for the refiner’s fire that is our hearts desire. Let Him do what is pleasing in his sight. We hope we shall come out beter church than yesterday. God bless you Compassion associates.

  4. Sherry W. July 5, 2011

    We have gotten word that the building for Peter’s church will be demolished tomorrow. The government is evicting 2 neighborhoods in Kampala for redevelopment, and razing all the structures.

    Please continue in prayer for Peter & his congregation as they move forward. Peter and his wife, Rose, will speak at the Pastors Discipleship Network conference in Kampala next week. May God’s work prevail!

  5. Becky July 4, 2011

    I just saw on an OC journal that homes and businesses in this area of Uganda is being cleared by the government to make room for a developer to build high-rises and office buildings.


    This pastor’s church is in the affected area as are multiple CDCs. Please be in prayer for all the people threatened with being displaced, who also include Richmond Wandera (Compassion Moody grad), his brother, and many from his pastor’s discipleship network.

    From Julian, who is a social worker & LDP grad: “Yes it is so serious police has raided the whole place, we shall be grateful for the prayers, i am so concerned about hundreds of CI children who will be displaced. praying that that God intervenes for the people there.”

  6. Lee Martin June 21, 2011

    Thank you for the post. May God continue to guide you as you do more great work for his people. May his blessings pour in your family, the church members , all the great people who supported (is supporting or will support) the needy people of Nakawa. May He bring more great things to many more desperate and disadvantage people, through New Life Baptist Church, in other parts of this country.

    God bless you.

  7. peter nkubi mugambi May 25, 2011

    I am your partner for a long time . I had asked you to sponsor me so that i will be able to assist the many helpless children in pentecostal holiness and you have not informed me of anything. I am waiting to hear from you soon

  8. catherine May 24, 2011

    the pastor’s call at the end of the article should see a response… how could we give to this man and his church, and the tireless work he is doing!???

    1. Jacquie Parella May 24, 2011

      The best way, Catherine would be to give through the Pastor’s Discipleship Network. http://www.pdnafrica.org/. Thank you for asking!

  9. Sherry W. May 24, 2011

    Thank you so much for this post! This story is so exciting for sponsors, because it shows the cycle of grace that can be released through Compassion’s work: a pastor & congregation partner with Compassion, and they raise up children who become leaders. These young leaders pursue their potential through education and training, then return to minister and multiply the blessing in their communities.

    I will meet Peter and his wife Rose in person when I head to the PDN conference in Kampala this summer, and visit their church. The Mugabis are such committed ministers of the gospel, and the fruit of God’s work in their congregation can be seen in Compassion LDP grad (and now Moody Scholar grad) Richmond Wandera.

    This year’s conference for the Pastor’s DIscipleship Network will train 600 pastors. Peter and Rose will both be speaking. I hope everyone will join us in praying for the “Rooted in the Word” conference July 14-16!

  10. dave wells May 24, 2011

    Pastor Peter rocks!

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