Waardenburg Syndrome: Shakul & His Striking Blue Eyes

An up-close photo of a Ugandan boy with blue eyes and a white stripe of skin down his forehead.

Shakul’s unique beauty seems to have struck a chord, so we wanted to share his incredible story with you.

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See How Lives Can Change When You Donate Livestock

A young boy wearing a red T-shirt holds a black and white goat. He is standing in front of a structure made of mud and wood.

In 9-year-old Derick’s village in eastern Uganda, fathers have passed on poverty to their children for generations. Joseph, Derick’s father, was not going to be any different. It took a gift in the form of livestock to break the cycle.

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Man standing next to shelves with bottles.

Compassion Alumni Becomes an Entrepreneur Success Story

People love and respect David. Almost everyone calls him when they need veterinary services for their animals. Neighboring villages also seek out his help.

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Hannifah and Deborah

Living with HIV: One Mother’s Journey

Born in Uganda with HIV/AIDS, Hannifah lost her mother when she was only one month old. She was a very sickly child, always being taken to hospital and her father considered her a burden.

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a shack of the Batwa people

Where Beauty and Extreme Poverty Meet

In Kisoro, Uganda the Batwa were not well received by the locals. They were, in fact, isolated and despised.

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young man standing next to statue

From “Cry Baby” to Respected Leader

Lawrence, who once was very shy and considered a “cry baby,” now bursts with confidence at Makerere University Business School in Uganda.

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A family standing outside of a home

One Child Sponsorship Helps an Entire Family

Awany knew he would have to continue struggling to provide for the other three children and his wife; but he underestimated how much the Child Sponsorship Program would help his entire family.

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child sitting on a bed under a mosquito net

Treatments for Malaria – What Helps Children?

From a very young age, Anite was a sickly child. Her mother, Florence, says that after Anite was born, she often fell sick from malaria. The little girl went to multiple hospitals, but each time they after they treated her, the malaria came back.

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young lady outside a building

Overcoming Abuse Through the Love of Jesus

Fancy grew up with no mother because her parents had separated. It was tough growing up with just her father because he did not understand what it meant to love and care for a child.

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uganda aids

When AIDS Threatens a Family, Your Sponsorship Helps!

“Sponsors have had a great impact into our lives and have supported us in many ways. Really, we could have died. I urge them not to feel tired when they are helping us. I know that God will bless them. I’d like to give the sponsors this verse — Lamentations 3:22-24. It inspires me a lot.”

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Many children sitting outside making baskets.

What Do Sponsored Children Do When College Is Not an Option?

With the support of our staff, Fausta pushed on and tried her best to excel. However, when her Primary Leaving Examinations results came back, she had failed. It was then that Fausta made a decision to discontinue formal education despite Compassion’s willingness to pay her school fees. She decided instead to train in tailoring.

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