3 Children Share Their Top Letter-Writing Tips

A girl in a white T-shirt and jeans sits at a chair, with a pen and paper in her lap, smiling at the camera.

We know letter writing can be a challenge for all of us. So we went right to the source and asked children what letter-writing tips they would give their sponsors!

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Compassion-Sponsored Teen Named Top Student in the Philippines

A teen boy, the

After a yearlong, nationwide search, the Philippines Government awarded a Compassion-sponsored teenager the title of “Most Excellent Child in the Philippines.” Meet Jay Mark, the prizewinner!

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Rizza Facebook

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Education

Sarah Mae and Rizza Mae are about to exit from the Child Sponsorship Development Program feeling ready to face the world. Having learned valuable lessons and skills, they are breaking the cycle of poverty in their lives.

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What Do You See In This Picture

What Do You See in This Picture?

There are many things to notice in this picture, but perhaps what stands out are the things you wouldn’t normally see.

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typhoon haiyan damage

Responding to Typhoon Haiyan

When a disaster strikes, the first assistance sponsored children get is from the church partner connected to the child development center where they are registered.

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man being embraced by child

Not Your Typical Father

Fathers are expected to work and earn money for the family, not go to church or take care of the children. But Joseph is not the typical Filipino father.

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smiling young lady near railroad tracks

Never More Loved

Leah looked for more and more reasons to stay away from her abusive home. She ended up joining a gang and did what they did just to have a sense of family.

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young man outside university

Like Father (and Mother), Like Son

Carlo’s parents knew right away that he was meant for greatness since he was born with two healthy legs. Both Carlo’s mother and father have polio.

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the wise men

Modern-Day Wise Men

The wise men in the nativity came to honor the God-child. You, our sponsors are modern “wise men” who come to honor the God-image in each child.

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girl holding up letter

How Do One Sponsor’s Letters Offer Support?

In the Philippines, godparents are not blood relatives, yet they are looked upon as second parents. Through letter writing, one sponsor has earned that position in the life of her sponsored child.

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Filipino children smiling for camera

“Be a Winner for God!”

Despite oppressive poverty in the Philippines, people here are among the happiest and most fun-loving in the world. Filipinos’ love of music and sports helps them get by in times of lack, hunger and destitution.

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teens in front of church building

What Are Sponsored Teens Saying?

Teens at the Calvary Foursquare Student Center are grateful for their center and for the staff’s care. Especially since they live in rough communities where teen pregnancy, violent gangs and drug abuse are rampant.

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