The Heroes of Rollaball

Our culture is obsessed with heroes.

In the U.S. alone, the top grossing films are often those that feature a comic book character who jumps from tall buildings while rescuing humanity from the schemes of a diabolical villain.

And Hollywood isn’t alone in this trend. Even movies promoted by Bollywood, the Viva! Spanish & Latin America Film Festival or Nollywood (the Nigerian film industry and third largest in the world) almost always feature some kind of individual who “saves the day” by showing up at the right place and at the right time.

And while these movies are entertaining, they don’t necessarily portray the true definition of a hero. That’s because real heroes aren’t always known for their physical strength.


In many cases, they are people who, instead of power, possess a visible weakness but inspire us because of the courage they demonstrate in the midst of their vulnerability.

I recently discovered a group of these types of heroes after reading an online article that a co-worker brought to my attention. The article is about a group of polio survivors in Ghana who have created their own skateboard-inspired version of soccer to suit their disability.

man with a physical disability playing with a soccer ball

These young men — despite their poverty, disfigurement and societal abandonment — have found purpose and dignity in their lives and are now the subject of a much-anticipated independent film called “Rollaball” to be released in 2013.

So if you feel like the odds are against you at work or in a personal matter, or you may be even wondering if you’re the right person to handle your particular circumstance, consider this thought:

“God’s grace is enough for you. What’s more, God doesn’t always call the qualified, but always finds a way to qualify those He calls.” — Author unknown

Photos courtesy of Rollaball: Beyond the Game

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  1. Tondja Woods October 15, 2012

    Truly amazing. We all have so much more than we need and have the ability to do far more than we ever imagined.

  2. Lizzie October 14, 2012

    So awesome!!

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